As you go through this pattern, notice the different stitches.  The columns formed with the double yarnover could easily be a scarf all on its own, with a seed stitch or garter border.  The Orenburg Lace stitch, Fish Eyes, can be knit as it is written because it is in garter stitch…so no borders or special edges are needed for this portion.  The body of the scarf with the textured decreases and yarnovers on every row would be lovely in any weight yarn…this stitch will require a border of some sort…perhaps the lace edging I used in Whipped?

bottom: Fish Eyes; top: simple faggoting stitch

Bellflower and Fair Isle Sweater

Jean has been here putting some projects together.  She has begun just one more intarsia project, a man’s Steeler’s hat and to keep her sane also a Whipped scarf in a beautiful red tweed sock weight yarn.  Here is a photo of the very beginning:

Jean's Whipped

Rikki and Suzy both came by for a visit this morning.  Suzy is hard at work on the lower ribbing to her Fair Isel sweater and it is beautiful…also slow-going so this is my chance to catch up!  Rikki is working on a neck down crew-neck pullover in Elsbeth Lavold’s Angora…currently on sale 50% off.  We have had a couple of false starts, as did Suzy with the same pattern by her report.  However, now Rikki is off to the races and in 12 rows she will be knitting in the round.

Dona's EZ Adult Surprise Jacket

Both Martha and Dona were in this week with their respective EZ sweaters…above is a photo of Dona’s.  She is doing hers out of superwash sock yarn and it is a great weight…similar to my Hanne Falkenberg sweater (Ballerina) which I practically live in.  If you would like to join us in this KAL just let me know.  It is fun to share the experience and compare color choices along the way.

Speaking of shared experience, a word about Ravelry.  This is a free service we all use.  It is a global bridge connecting us to other fiber artists around the world; not to mention the free patterns and other services.  And yes, they have advertisers help defray the costs.  We can help out too…remember to shop in the online Ravelry store…they have awesome stuff at reasonable prices.  This week is probably a great time to check the store out since they are stocked for their trip to Rhinebeck.  If you find something cool let me know.  I found this tote bag and they actually had it in stock.  There have been several tote bags I liked but they always seem to be out of stock of the one thing I like best.  This time was a win…I always need another knitting bag!  Here is a photo:

For those of you who don’t know, the dog is their dog, Bob.  On the back of the package that arrived today was this sticker:


Last year around this time I knit the cutest pair of mittens with cats on them.  The same designer has more mittens with dogs and of course, Bob on them.  Just search on Ravelry and they will come up.  The Bob ones may be next on my mitten to do list! 

Take care, keep calm and knit on!xox m.e. and Summit Yarn ❤