The top-down Fair Isle sweater is completed.  I buried most of my ends but as I neared the finish line I let the ends go because I was on an absolute tear.  It took me about thirty minutes to bury all the ends.  The thing I learned for certain from this sweater is to always make faux side seams in the future.  Just a one stitch seam will allow me to hide my ends in a much more invisible and elegant way.  Even so I am very pleased with this sweater and the next task is to turn this into a pattern everyone can enjoy.  I think the sleeves went very fast because there was a decrease to do every ten rows, so this gave me something to shoot for besides length.  Here are some photos of the sweater over the past couple of days:

this was first sleeve finished...

after burying all the ends...

I did manage to find the Lilac Leaves Estonian lace shawl in the back of my car yesterday.  So that is the next project I hope to buzz through to the end.  We are also working on Spiral Socks and the EZ Adult Surprise Sweater.  And yet, there is still so much more to knit!!!

Donna Arnold texted me from Rhinebeck today.  She ran into Martha there.  Lisa Tizzoni was also up there for the day.  It seems, to find really good stuff while it is still in stock, you need to show up either Saturday and brave the thronging masses or very early on Sunday morning (which Lisa says is wonderful and uncrowded).  I am hoping to go next year, Saturday night so I can be there bright and early that Sunday morning.  If this is something you are also hoping to do then now is the time to make your reservations because things, I am told, book up a year or more in advance.

Alicia came by for a great visit today.  She is busy planning her Christmas gift knitting list.  Today she got started with two scarf ideas…one new and on she has knit before.  She purchased a beautiful array of six colors of the Elsbeth Lavold Angora to do a multistriped scarf and the other scarf is a beautiful 1×1 rib done in a mixture of yarn with tassels at either end ( I have blogged about this scarf design of hers before).

Remember, next Saturday 10/23 starting at 11 a.m. and going until at least 4p.m. Eve Ellsworth is coming for our next Yarn-tasting Event with boatloads of Schaeffer cash and carry and the owners of Bijou Basin Fibers are coming to share the latest news about their incredible yarns.  I also have secretly stashed yarn for this event (Muwhaha!!!) and I look forward to surprising you with the Goodness that day.  Refreshments will also be available.  There are also currently lots of 50% off yarns available to stock up on for your Holiday Knitting Needs…included in this mark-down is lace weight cashmere for just $12.50 a ball (Karabella Supercashmere fine!).

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week at Summit Yarn!  Take care, keep calm and Carry on!xox m.e.