The 33 Chilean miners really got me to thinking; especially when I saw from the diagram in The New York Times just how very far into the earth they were.  During the time they spent underground, fighting for survival, I spent a bit of time watching my mind and all its fluctuations.  Because of challenges in my past, I sometimes struggle with depression and so I keep a close finger on my emotional pulse and my more natural arse-tendencies.  When people ask me how I am, I like and prefer to answer: Fine! Great!  Everybody has stuff on their plates…better to connect even briefly in a positive way than to dwell on the day to day crap and drama.  When I really need to vent I find a friend who has time to listen, instead of venting on everyone I come across.

Anyway, as I said, those miners got me to thinking about karma.  To me, Nature seems pretty feral and random.  Karma has always been a more direct and personal thing.  This situation in Chile forced me to re-examine these ideas.  Sure, I still believe we have to keep our karmic tally straight, but what if sometimes a big negative just has to be taken care of right away?  What if me dwelling on my own inner negative crap meant someone or something else had to pay a price?  Just this thought, right or not, true or not, was enough to make me stop and get a grip.  It was enough to shut the negativity down…if only in that moment.  Having this “what if?” awareness has become a huge turning point in my “mental chatter”.

Let me know what you think.  I don’t have any answers, and I’m not sure there are any answers.  Asking questions, though, asking really good questions does seem to bring a certain stillness to the day.  Take care, keep calm and carry on. xox m.e.