sunrise Thursday morning

This is a really crappy photo of sunrise but trust me, it was stunning…by the time I even got this photo the lighting and intensity of color had lessened, in just seconds really.  It was very early…that’s good…I love going back to sleep for that one extra hour.  Not to mention the sleep, it’s a great time to cuddle the kitties and maybe reread those last pages I read but was not aware of at bedtime the night before.  There were cats on every corner of the bed this morning and they are such loves.  Here is Nikkers sleeping on top of my crossed legs:

Sinfonia was playing scarf today…you know, laying directly over my neck; she would lay across my face if I let her. :-/

Estonian Lace Scarf: Lilies of the Valley

I am still pondering the Wensleydale yarn Martha came back from Rhinebeck with…I need to sit with a volume of Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionary.  It is a heavy yarn with great sheen in its natural “white” color.  I want a simple stitch…probably a knit/purl stitch or maybe something a little open that I can bend to a triangle shawl pattern.  Get back to you on that.  However, Lisa’s Australian cashmere was waggling its fingers at me.  I got into work early and knit one end of the scarf.  That is now safely on a stitch holder in my knitting bag.  It took until a few minutes ago, but I also knit the other end of this scarf and managed to complete one out of ten pattern repeats.  The nupps (buds) in this pattern will be perfect for this multicolored Autumnal yarn, and the stitches in this scarf are showing up just they way I hoped they would.

Suzy, Rikki and Denise were all there for class this morning.  Suzy, after trying the Great Northern mink yarn was not a fan.  Yarn pimp that I am, I was able to find a new home with Lisa for that yarn and now Suzy can find something new to play with.  Suzy is very nearly done with her Fair Ilse Yoke sweater and I love her chosen colors…they are very Adirondack.  Here is a photo:

One thing to stay aware of:  those sleeves get long faster than you think.  Make sure of your rows to the inch and do your decreases accordingly.  I felt these sleeves were a bit loose and next time I knit this I will decrease more aggressively.  Rikki’s sweater got frogged today…twice.  I think things are looking better now…she is getting a good bit of knit out of that yarn.  This happens to the best of us.  Denise dropped by to get help finding a lost stitch…it just ran away but we found it.  She is doing a beautiful two-color Bijou Basin scarf in knit 2/purl 2 rib.  Kathy came in after lunch and her top-down baby sweater is better than half-way through.  Here is a photo:

JoAnn had a private lesson this afternoon, as she does every two weeks.  Today she worked on a pattern from Piecework, a baby hat in cotton.  It has a star at the top and a brim to protect baby’s face from the sun.  She got another ball of Unisono today, and since Kathy was there she got to here a funny story.  Poor Kathy was trying to drive home from work.  Her knitting however ran amok.  As she got in the car, unbeknownst to her the ball of Unisono fell out.  As she drove away…well, it was bad.  It was a rainy day.  When the ball finally snagged on something it pulled on the knitting which just about poked Kathy in the eye as she drove.  She was picking up that yarn for a good half mile…but she got every last bit of it!  Kathy gets a GOLD STAR for such enduring love of yarn and all things wool.  Everyone send Kathy love for such yarn trauma. 😉

JoAnn's star baby hat!

Here is a photo from Wednesday…Donna’s Audrey scarf in Schaeffer hand-dyed cotton.  It is beaded and a lace pattern I have never tried before.  Donna says counting the beads into place is time-consuming, but the end-result is worth it.  Just a preview of things to come this Saturday:

Schaeffer's Audrey

 Looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday.  Take care and get your knit on!xox m.e. and Summit Yarn

Sinfonia playing scarf