I found a new wrinkle.  It is beyond easy to lose a stitch to those nupps as you purl all five loops together on the wrong side…somehow the next purl just WANTS to get caught up in the nupp.  So make sure you watch all your little stitches because they are sneaky little sob’s.  I have placed stitch markers to show every repeat because I think I finally have lost my mind.  Obviously, counting has never been my forte, but bless those markers…they keep me on the straight and narrow.  Here is a photo of the scarf with three complete pattern repeats.  As of today, however, I have completed a fourth repeat and am beginning the fifth…that and lots of mantra repetition.

Estonian lace scarf with three pattern repeats done and only seven more to go!

Bev’s granddaughter has arrived and she looked awesome all wrapped up in her heart blanket, with her handknit hat upon her head.  Now Bev is hard at work on an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket…she is about at the halfway point and it looks great.  Suzy was by this morning and is working on the embroidery on her yoke sweater.  And Donna is nearly done with her Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool sweater…so soft.  Found a great shawl pattern on Ravelry yesterday that calls for the Silky Wool…that may be my next knit!

NEWS FLASH:  We will be carrying Knit Picks knitting and crochet needles here at Summit Yarn.  If there is anything in particular you are looking for please let me know as I will be putting in the order early next week.

I have a new sweater design in my head, so I am going to my needle drawer and yarn stash to hunt.  This sweater will be seriously ventilated for those of us with hot flashes and with vertical lines to hide the wobbly bits life is so eager to hand out.  Stay tuned!

Sincerely,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio

Jamie's goat just got a driver's permit!