an amazing Autumn tree

Took this picture the other morning on the way into work.  I think it was the way the light was hitting the leaves and that it was the early morning light…that and the leaves all around the base of the tree like the skirt of a grand ballgown.  The colors this Autumn have been brilliant and I have enjoyed every step in this seasonal transition.  What I most enjoy is the resurgence of knitters and crocheters looking for the tactile comfort of a good yarn.  Yesterday, an old friend came to visit, Julie, and she is ready to get back to knitting.  We are beginning with an infinity cowl that can be pulled up over the head and worn about the shoulders; knit in a bulky yarn on US17 needles.  To get Julie going we had to review the four steps of making a knit stitch, so I thought I would share a photo and the directions here for anyone who may need this review:


There are four steps to making a knit stitch:  IN, WRAP, BACK OUT, DROP OLD STITCH.  That’s it.  Really.  Step One:  There are two ways to put the right hand (RH) needle into the first stitch on the left hand (LH) needle — straight in with the two points facing each other OR (as you see in the photo above) in the stitch so the points are both facing the same way.  Do this so that the points face the SAME WAY.


So, how does anyone hug the people they love?  Do you bring your arm in front of yourself and push away?  No.  You hold your arm out in front of you and draw the “huggee” near to you.  This is how you wrap the yarn around the right hand needle.  Take the yarn from behind the needle, forward between the needles and back over the needle for now.  Hold onto it so it doesn’t go anywhere for the time being.


How do you back a car out of a garage?  Straight out so you don’t hit the house.  Hitting the house would be bad.  It is the same with this step.  As in the photo above, use the point of the right hand needle to draw the yarn you wrapped around the RH ndl in the previous step through and back out of the old stitch that is still on the left hand needle.  This forms a new stitch that will stay on the right hand needle for now.


Now, just puch the old stitch off the LH needle and just let it go.  It has served its purpose and you have just completed your first knit stitch.  Now go do thirty million more!  Good Job!  And this is exactly what Dona Bauman has done with her Elizabeth Zimmerman Adult Surprise Jacket…about thirty gazillion knit stitches.  She began despairing of finishing this week and I have been cheering her on, because I know just how very close to done she is.

Dona Bauman's EZ Adult Surprise Jacket -- almost done!

The colors are awesome and Dona picked them all herself.  We started with one basic grouping of yarns (this was a stash intervention) but the sweater had ideas of its own…and good thing it did.  Today, Dona finished the increase section and now has just 3.25 inches to do before we begin the edging.  After that, it is just the sleeves and sew on the buttons.  I pulled out all the buttons, but after I laid this first set down on her sweater we could not see anything else.  Here, have alook:

It is like these buttons were made just for this sweater!

Kathy has been working on one of the two baby sweaters and is nearly done with the body of the first one.  The stripes are great and the sizing looks just perfect.  I have begun working on my latest brainchild and so far so good.  I should have something worth showing you next week if all goes well.  Last night at knitting group I didn’t get to work on it much…Debbie needed help finishing up the knitting for a felted Calla Lily and I think we just were having too much fun laughing and telling funny stories on ourselves. 

Hey look! There's no groceries in this bag! What's up with that?

Take care and have a great weekend.  Time to go figure out what I am going to try and cook for dinner next week!  Then off to a corner to snuggy up in my blanky and knit!  YAY! xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn  ;-D