Okay, there are exactly two magazines that I wait for with bated breath every year.  The first is the Piecework Historical Knitting Issue and the other is the Holiday Gift issue of Interweave Knits.  Some of my most favorite knits have come from one of the two of these magazines.  So, folks, go to your local bookstore, market, wherever this is sold and get yourself a copy.  There are great patterns in this issue and I have already started one as a gift for two people who I know will like this unusual item.

Sites on the internet that bear some checking out are the website for the upcoming Vogue Knitting Live.  Dona and I are attending this year and taking a class with Merike Saarniit on brioche knitting the Estonian way.  I am very excited…about the class AND about getting away for two days!  The Sanguine Gryphon’s website will give you happy trolling moments.  I ordered a shawl pattern and their Gaia Laceweight (yes, I know, I own a yarn store…this is RESEARCH…yeah, that’s it…research).  And if you are looking for something different, google the word GRADIANCE…a very beautiful yarn concept.

We had to trim kitty nails last night.  Nikkers is taking his duty of keeping my feet under the covers at all times a little too seriously.  Of the twin cats, he is the one I thought would be the least cuddly and I couldn’t have been more wrong…he is my buddy and walks all over the house with me.  Except for yesterday…there was a plastic bag in my son’s room that apparently needed taming.  We were sitting downstairs and upstairs it sounded like a bookshelf got knocked over.  POW!  BAM! SLAM!SLAM!SLAM!  Brian and I ran up the stairs but no damage…anywhere.  Just Nikkers looking completely freaked out and this pee-soaked ex-halloween bag.  Yup, thoroughly tamed.

The sweater idea is working just fine.  I am on ball number two of yarn…I may just knit this into a cocoom instead, though, because this yarn is so soft.  So, if you see a human-sized pink cloud walking around NEPA, it’s just me!  Take care and I look forward to seeing you next week! Now, get2ntn!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio

We are The Champions! Yes, we are The Champions!