Above is a link to Franklin Habit’s very twisted blog…one of my most favorite blogs as I am a twisted reader.  Donna sent the link to me today and being the thoughtful person that I am, I wanted you to go take a peek and have a laugh.  Today was a scramble from start to finish.  Class was full of people, projects and laughter.  The ladies were repeating my usual “isms” with Yoda voices…enough said there.  I actually don’t have many isms…avoid frogging whenever possible and if you drop a stitch on Whipped just bring it straight to me…I don’t mind at all. 

Jean is nearly done with an intarsia hat with the Steeler’s logo.  She knit the ribbing in the round, switched to RS/WS knitting to complete the intarsia and now is doing the crown decrease again, back in the round.  I used a modified Kitchener Stitch to close the opening and did it very snug.  There is no visible seam inside or outside of the hat.  Here are photos of the wip:

Jean's Steeler's Hat done in Intarsia

inside view of Jean's very professional workmanship

Suzy came in for a listen; I had an idea about the embroidery on her sweater.  The bottom line is there is just not enough room to do stars in both colors…if only we had one more row of the red it would have worked much better.  Very Frustrating Indeed.  She is nearly done with a ribbed scarf done in the Schaefer Yarn called Chris, worsted weight superwash merino.  The colorway is Jane Addams and for those of you who like it, it is very nearly the same as a colorway by Crystal Palace, called: Roses.  I am pretty sure yarns in these two colorways could be mixed.  Check out the photo:

Rikki was able to come get the sleeves on waste yarn and do the knit cast-ons to connect to torso of her sweater.  Now she has 13 inches to knit and also has to decide what kind of bottom edge she wants for her sweater.  It is coming out so nice and the next portion of this knit is so much fun…just knit around and around and around.

Rikki at work on her current sweater in Elsbeth Lavold Angora

Tracy came with Lilybelle and Tucker.  I had a picture of both dogs together but it was just a wild frenzy of swaying white fur.  There is a photo of Tucker in all his cuteness at the end of today’s blog…maybe next time I can slow Lily down enough to get a decent image.  Tracey is working on her Shrug, which is a cover project from a previous Issue of Vogue Knitting.  She is working this in mercerized Egyptian cotton.  The shrug is worked as two round pieces with armholes that are finished at the end.

Tracy's Shrug

Jean also had a photo of a finished project, a blue and white baby blanket knit in a pattern that she says is mindless and easy to complete.  She is the second person to enjoy this same pattern, so in the future it is one I will recommend.

Jean's baby blanket made with yarn from Summit Yarn Studio

We just received a batch of ChiaGoo Red Cord stainless steel circular needles.  I love these as much as another brand whose name I won’t put here and they are half the price.  I will probably have to order more soon because this first batch has already been fairly well pillaged.  Besides loving these needles, I also happen to know that this January the company will be coming out with Lace tip needles for our knitting pleasure and I hoped you would all have at least a passing aquaintance with these needles by then.

ChiaoGoo Needles

This afternoon is pretty much a blur.  Jennifer came by with confessions of giving her cat all the wool and knitting with much loathed acrylic instead.  We had a little talk about priorities and how much we love our cats.  She is feeling much better now and can pick up a stitch if she drops it without too much consternation.  Lisa and I attempted to knit on Josephine today.  This is a lace shawl which we hope to be wearing when we are sharing a room in the old folks home later in life.  We each got exactly one row done.  I don’t know what it is, but the minute I pick up that shawl the customers just pour in the door and what is a girl to do but take care of her much loved knitters?  Tonight Josephine and I have a date…up in my room…alone…no cats…no husband…alone.

Bonnie and Patti were here as well.  Patti is having a fit of “green” and loving every yard of yarn she finds in this color.  Bonnie is our resident magpie.  We all visited for quite awhile and some very lovely yarns found some very lovely homes.  Personally, I am going home to wind up my Kauni (which also arrived today) into nice neat balls and contemplate their ultimate dispatch into a thistle colorwork sweater.  Sigh…I can never die because I just have too much yarn to knit.

Take care and God Bless the Cold Weather.  It keeps us all in stitches!xox M.E. and Summit Yarn Studio

Tucker is tired from too many cookies!