Whale Watcher Scarf knit in San Francisco

At least six years ago my family and I took a trip to San Fransisco and of course we visited the piers where the Sea Lions bask in the sun.  My son was entranced, and we spent a lovely afternoon outside with a bunch of other tourists.  I had this yarn with me and an idea which did not work the first time.  So I frogged and this scarf is what I came up with instead.  I wanted to be able to knit a scarf that came to a point in the middle without breaking my yarn and having to knit two “tails”.  This is my answer to that conundrum!  The knitters here at Summit Yarn have loved it over the years because it is easy to knit, just four rows total and makes a quick gift in any size yarn you choose to work with.

the same scarf made with a Railroad Track Yarn and US 8 needles

whalewhatcherscarf  Just click on the highlighted words to the left and the pdf document will open for you! 

Have a great day!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio — here 7 days a week for your holiday needs! ;-D