Had to get up a little earlier to ship some packages to customers this morning.  I love sending good yarn to good homes.  As I walked past my cell phone, it was abuzz with multiple texts of crisis…knitting crisis.  My morning began with:  WHAT IS PLUP?  I texted back:  pick 1 stitch up, I think, I’m not at the studio yet.  This is “plup”:

a bootie pattern still in my hand-writing..."plup" is in the center of the photograph

Many of my designs are still in my own hand-writing.  It may take me years to get them all typed up.  This is my go to pattern for baby booties and it is written for both dk/worsted weight yarn and for leftover sock weight yarn…a perfect way to use up those leftover bits and always have a quick gift on hand.  Jessica came in yesterday needing something quick to knit for a baby girl; so, we settled on a hat and pair of booties.  The directions above were for “pick up”=p/up.  Jessica had a lot of fun Friday night…focusing this morning not so easy to do.  Good for Jessica.  While she was here this morning we were able to finish off the first bootie.  I also taught her how to make a quick knit flower and how to make monk’s cord so those booties won’t fall off the lovie’s feet.

Jessica's first bootie!

We had lots of other visitors today as well.  Jean stopped by for a quick fix for the lace edging on her “Whipped” scarf in progress.  She forgot a bind-off so I showed her how to back track and just adjust so no frogging was necessary.  Kathy is finishing the bottome edge of the first of two baby sweaters today and then on to the sleeves.  Here is a pic:

Kathy's no sew baby sweater

KATHY WAS ALSO PROUDLY SPORTING (AND DESERVEDLY SO!) her new cowl…you know, that cowl, the one that was made from the ball of yarn that jumped out of her car and ran for a couple of miles AND Kathy tracked down that yarn, dried it out, untangled it,  finished the cowl, washed the cowl and finally, FINALLY gets to enjoy that cowl.  God bless and protect Kathy from future yarn-napping.  Rikki is hard at work on her silk cowl/neckwarmer and is doing a beautiful job…will snap a pic when it gets just a wee bit larger.  The Schaefer silk (Helene) is such a pleasure to handle and knit. 


Here is what some of the Kauni Yarn looks like.  We are bringing in four colorways to begin with and have already taken orders for the rainbow colorway.  There is a sweater kit coming and some of their laceweight as well, just so we can vote.  It comes in enormous balls for a very reasonable price.  I am SO EXCITED to share this yarn with you!  There are also six sets of Addi Lace interchangeable needle sets on their way to the studio as we speak.  At least two of the sets are already spoken for.  If this is on your wish list please just call and let me know!  I will be here at the studio tomorrow but next Sunday I have the opportunity to take a class with Mr. Franklin Habit in Philadelphia on lace edging.  His blog is called The Panopticon and he is not only hilarious but also an incredibly accomplished lace knitter.  Check it out!

I have been hard at work on my Josephine shawl.  Tonight, however we have an ice hockey game to attend and the refs frown on me taping my charts up on the glass window at the ice.  Go figure!  I have three other projects pulled but trouble comitting because all I really want to do is finish this project.  Sigh…such woes…really, don’t they make your heart just ache?  (not so much).  Take care and have a cozy weekend!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn