Photo taken with cell phone and pocket kaleidoscope

I took this photo earlier this week trying to see how far I can push the camera in my cell phone.  I focused the viewfinder through the eye of a small pen sized kaleidoscope and this is what I wound up with.  I know, maybe I had a little too much time on my hands that day.  However, I can now record color ideas for posterity and future use.  This could be useful!

One week from today, now, I will be riding home from a class in Philadelphia about lace edgings with The Panopticon’s Franklin Habit.  I have been reading his blogs about his pursuit of all things lace, checking out pictures of his classes on Flickr and pondering.  I do hope he wears his kilt…gay or not he is just eye candy and the kilt ups that ante!  I love his blog and especially his candor.  My favorite blog was Altar cloth version 1.0, where he was still working out how to block and struggling with wavy edges on rectangles.  His humor is great because he gives voice freely to the same things that get under my skin too…validation is good wherever it comes from.  I also like how much he LOVES knitting lace.  I often feel like I should knit something else…socks…a sweater…a hat…but then I get over that feeling and get on with my lace knitting at hand.  Here is my photo of the current obsession, Josephine…an elusive narcissistic water nymph if ever there was one…but also worth every moment.

from Myrna Stahman's book

I just wound the final ball of yarn for this today and hope to finish in the next two weeks…while knitting this I have accumulated two 3-inch binders FULL of other patterns I would like to play with…but commitment is a delicate thing.  While I was counting and cussing over Josephine today, both Martha and Jaddu AND  Jean S. came for a visit.  Martha is knitting a scarf from wool she hand-dyed with all plant dyes and it is beautiful.  The stitch came from Barbara Walker, volume one (ALWAYS A CLASSIC REFERENCE) and Martha edged it with seed stitch.  Jaddu and I had a great time…I fed her cookies till she belched like a truck-driver!  Jean is up to the armholes of her child’s sweater and it looks awesome.  (She was at the PSU game yesterday where Joe Pa had his 400th win of his career, which of course has been all at the same school!)  Here is Jaddu modeling my Orenburg Shawl…I think she looks awesome in red:

my friend, Jaddu

Martha:  Jaddu said she would very much like a shawl just like this for Christmas!

Take care and have a warm and comfy Sunday evening!  xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio