Today we got out the door early enough to linger over breakfast at Starbucks, rather than the usual grab and dash.  My son and I were sitting at the counter, and, thankfully, Brian was consumed with his ipod and blissfully unaware of surrounding conversations.  I am usually pretty good at tuning out stuff around me, like when viagra commercials are on the tv at home…I just switch my ears to OFF.  So when two men behind us were avidly discussing the drug, Cialis, again, I attempted to tune out.  However, there is just something wrong with overhearing:  “Yeah, I’m getting great results from Cialis…really, you wouldn’t guess how popular it is!”.  It is just a bit of a head-turner…no pun intended, really.  These two men, well-dressed yuppies, continued at length (really, out of the gutter people).  THEN, they started discussing other meds…and what a friggin’ sigh of relief…THEY ARE DRUG REPS!  I had to leave pronto because I got an instant case of nervous giggles when I realized how I had misheard those bits of their conversation.  Ahh, judge not lest ye be judged…or so it goes.

the last ball of Josephine before the edging gets underway...

I felt it necessary to photograph this ball of 100% yak down…it is the final 200 yard ball of yarn for this amazing shawl I have been working on since this Spring.  After this ball is consumed I plan to work an edging from Sharon Miller’s book all around the shawl (instead of just at the bottom).  Someone asked me today if I was planning on selling this shawl.  After they revived me from a dead faint, I was able to voice…of course not.  Besides the cost of this rare yarn, just the piece of my life that has been sonsumed in the process of following this chart…well, I could rant, but I won’t.  Here is a photo of this wondrous lace:

Denise was in for class this morning and has just completed a k2p2 scarf in another yarn from this same company…a yak cormo blend that redefines softness as we knew it.  This is a humble yarn, but when you are wearing anything made with this yarn humble is not what comes to mind…more like posh, cushy, lush…

One last image for the day.  Lisa and I are beginning a sweater tomorrow out of Kauni yarn.  The pattern directs us to wind our balls prior to beginning the knitting so that we know where our colors are coming from and in what order (here is the reference to the title of today’s blog…teehee…snort!).  Lisa is going neutral and gray and subtle.  And we all know, subtle is not my thing man…here is a photo of my balls as they currently stand:

my balls...of course there are six!

Take care and if you too are feeling a little tightly wound then:  GET2NTN!  xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio