It was a busy day here at Summit Yarn…it looks like someone barfed knitting tools all over my table in a 360 degree circle around where I sit.  Someone did.  It was obviously me.  Rose and Suzy were here for class this morning.  Rose is doing a great job on her afghan…this cabled strip is just amazing.  Suzy is close to putting the finishing touches on a soft scarf knit from Schaeffer’s Chris yarn and I love the textured stitch she chose, a mistake rib.  I have about 18 more rows to do on Josephine before beginning the edging.  Here is a photo of how things are with the shawl:

Lisa and I began our Kauni odyssey today; casting on 290 stitches and beginning to work a two color k1p1 rib in the round.  I don’t know how many rounds of rib…when we run out of steam we will let you know.  We also have a new knitter:  please welcome Brian Reese, currently of Clarks Summit.  He is a lefty knitter who picked up the pointy sticks for the first time today and was not even slightly freaked out.  Kudos to Brian!  I had hoped to write a blog on how to knit lefty but my email is experiencing severe and constipating technoangst.  Hopefully tomorrow.  The pictures simply will not upload…bastards.

That’s it for me today…I do have a lovely pattern for you tomorrow and probably more stories to tell…my life will never be boring.  Take care…my husband is shrieking something about decimal points and spaces…have to go rescue the student and the parent.  See you tomorrow!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio