Saturday’s class with Franklin Habit at Loop in Philadelphia was informative, enjoyable, and although it was three hours was just not nearly long enough.  I look forward to taking other classes with Mr. Habit in the future.  During the class, he referred to Shetland knitters quite a bit, as they are a major school of lace knitting history…past and present.  A couple of times in class he made reference to the men going off in the boats to fish and the women staying at home waiting for the men.  One of the times he made this reference, I couldn’t help myself and muttered, “…and the women were very happy to see the men go…”.

Yesterday, coming home from day two of lace classes, I called my husband, hoping to have him pick me up so my friend Donna could get home faster.  Gary said, “Yes, but I will have to drive your car…(pause)…(more pause)…I got into an accident and my car had to be towed.”  I replied, “Please do not touch my car.  See you at home then.”

I found myself wondering this morning:  how exactly did the men in the Shetland Isles tell their wives when they wrecked their boats?  Did they just drown?  Did the women assume they drowned?  Did the men swim home?  Or did the men say:  “Oh, hell!”, claim amnesia and swim to another shore for a fresh start?