Frog Tree Meriboo...mmmmmm!

This is Meriboo by Frog Tree, a MACHINE WASHABLE dk weight yarn made of 70% Merino Wool/30% Bamboo.  There are 105 yards per 50 grams and this yarn is made in Peru.  One reason I love supporting this company is purchasing this yarn supports the women in Peru, Chile and Bolivia who produce the yarns for this company.  They put good back in this world, both for those women and for us, lovers of all things fiber.  The yarn retails for $8.00 a ball and besides being washable, is super soft and has a sheen that I know my knitters look for in the yarns they love.

Meriboo Color Card

The next yarn is by Skacel and is call Filigran…a washable lace weight yarn that I discovered while taking a lace class with Franklin Habit.  He is currently designing a new lace stole in this yarn and I loved the drape and feel of this yarn.  I wanted to have this on hand so that when the pattern comes out we are ready to knit!  However, there are several advent knit-a-longs on Ravelry and I am winding a ball of this today for one of these stitch sampler scarves.

Neutrals and Lights in Filigran

Filigran Label -- retails at $20 per skein

The third yarn to arrive is a Sport-wear Opal sock yarn which is supposed to breathe better and be even springier for more athletic wear and for hiking.  The added durability of this yarn might even make this yarn more appropriate for the men in your life who are harder on their handknit socks than we are.  I have socks made up in every color for you to see and hope to post them tomorrow.

We also have a few new patterns: a beautiful sweater, a cowl and hat, and some shawl patterns.

Last night we put up our Christmas Tree at home…just the tree, no ornaments.  It took the kittens (now a year old) exactly four minutes to summit the tree and get put upstairs for the next month.  God Bless them, the tree was just spinning in the stand…it made my husband insane. LOL!  Here is one of my favorite pics from last night:

Nikkers and Sputters checking to see if Gary was watching them!

Take care and have a very cozy day!  loads of xox:  theHumanLoom  ;-D