There are two, not one but two of course, knit-a-long Advent Calendars that I am attempting this year.  Given all the work I still have to do for the studio, for friends and for my family this is nothing short of serious insanity.  Big surprise there.  Go to Ravelry now.  YOU.  Go now and check out these two.  The one by Susann Hajjar is for lace lovers and the transitions from one pattern to the next are breathtaking.  I can hardly wait.  She has already released the first days worth of knitting.  I may have to go back to the store before I go to bed tonight because I AM SO FLIPPIN’ EXCITED  to get started.

The other Advent Calendar is just TOO COOL.  I have no idea the mastermind who set this up but it is completely BRILLIANT.  Brilliant I tell you!  It is set up just like the calendars I grew up with…only better.  If you try to open a day ahead of time it mocks you!  ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!