Today Bev came to class with a pair of completed mittens knit from a pattern I wrote three years ago.  She wondered if I could write a matching scarf pattern.  Here is the result and I hope you enjoy it.  Please remember, I wrote it THIS MORNING so ifyou find an issue please let me know…I culled two mistakes as I typed it up just now so I have about a 95% confidence level.  N.B.: Just test knit and there is one correction–Row 7 should read k3,(p2, 1/1 RC…) now perfect! Have fun…loads of love and wishes for peace in this season of light:  xox…theHumanLoom  ;-D

the mitten inspiration for this scarf!

The scarf has a small twist cable on either side of the “heart” cable seen on the mitten closest to you in this photo.  There are three stitches in garter on each edge of the scarf.  Here is the link to the pdf:  Hugs And Hearts  just click on the highlighted title of the pattern and the file will open for you.

Nikkers summits the tree this year!