For those of you who ramble through Ravelry regularly or who read the magazine, Yarn Forward, there is a new designer name to sit up and take note of:  Kieran Foley.  He is an Irish designer with his own website called, KnitLab.  I noticed his work at first on Ravelry and what caught my attention most was what turned out to be his colorwork design.  The motifs he comes up with look like lace at first glance.  On closer inspection, thanks to my friend Suzy, the ideas he comes up with are just sublime.  If you are a member of Ravelry go look him up as a designer and check out his ideas.  If you are not a member of Ravelry, well, what are you waiting for?

Over the last three days I knit one of his designs called, Kerchief.  It is a well-conceived triangle shawlette with a great beginning, only 11 rows of colorwork (stranded knitting), and a beautiful but easy, almost mindless, end.  I sped through this knit and enjoyed every minute of it.  Here is a photo of the knit and its very happy recipient:

one xmas present down...! ;-D

The other thing I love about this pattern are the number of places, that in its simplicity, I can play with and tweak this idea into something that will become very much my own.  I already have a second one on needles (unbelieveably, a duplicate of the first)…and then so many ideas, so very many ideas…some involving old Lopi pattern motifs and many involving motifs from Anna Zilboorg’s great tomes of color and stitch pattern.

As far as Mr. Foley’s lace patterns are concerned, some are fairly mundane and others are extraordinary…there is a definite range.  My two favorites are “High Seas”, which looks like waves upon waves and will keep me interested the whole time.  The other is a lace stole with enormaous eight-pointed stars.  There are more, and all are represented on Ravelry…did I mention that?

I am still working on my three advent calendar knit-a-longs, but at a slower pace.  I still have a little Holiday knitting to do but not much and no pressure in what remains.  There is however, a ton of wrapping to do!  Here is the latest and greatest cat picture from home.  My black cat, Smidgen, (no longer a smidgen for sure) came down to announce delay of bedtime…

my wee little weirdo!

Thank you in all humility to those of you who read my chatty rambles.  This has helped me focus as a designer and as a LYS owner.  Writing this blog has become a great adventure.  I encourage you to chime in more often and let me know what you are thinking and what you would like to know more about.  Most of all, thank you…the blog hit 30,000+ views today and that will never cease to amaze me.  Take care of yourselves this holiday season and take heart…we are all part of the same vast human heart, and for that I am both humbled and grateful.  xox TheHumanLoom