Nikkers in the tree last year!

Last year when the kittens were just wee sweet things, they climbed the Christmas tree, stuck their tongues out at us and pitched the glass ornaments off the tree and across the living room like bombs in a video game.  We learned our lesson.  No breakable ornaments this year.  How bad could it be…really?  Should we put the star on top…no way…you know they will go straight for it and I happen to love that Star…it took me years to find just the right one.  And though I shouldn’t say this out loud…so far the tree has not fallen…please knock on wood for me.  The tree does however, spin like a top.  What to do…Here they are from two nights ago…I don’t know if you remember the childhood story of the tiger running around and around the tree, but that is what these two did about five feet in the air IN THE TREE:


One final image for you.  Alas, I was just dozing off as this happened last night so close your eyes and turn on the mental projector.  Ahh, at rest.  The day is over.  The light is still on but not for long.  Hot water bottle under my tense neck, book in hand.  Ratty has been delivered in the closed safety of the bedroom to his owners, who are scudding around the bedroom floor attacking Ratty with glee.  The scudding sounds come quite close to me and yes, out of the corner of my eye, there goes Ratty…..SAILING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE A ROCKET FOUR FEET HIGH…I wish everyone was as easy to please as these cats.

Have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.  Boxes just arrived…will update you with photos later…xox theHumanLoom