This was a very popular stitch seven years ago when I first opened the studio.  Nancy Kolcharno stopped in yesterday wearing this version of the scarf…she was using up yarns from her stash and this was a great pattern for this purpose.  I thought maybe there might be a couple of you out there who might enjoy this scarf as well so I went hunting through my file cabinet and unearthed the original pattern.  My favorite way to knit this one was with two different colors of Kid Seta held together but Twinkle and Kid Seta (as in Nancy’s scarf are quite cheery!).

LADDER STITCH SCARF just click on those highlighted words to the left of this and the pdf will open for you.  Have fun with this!  A clue:  this can also be done on the bias…with an awesome effect!

Kid Seta in two colors

Take care and Happy Thursday!xox theHumanLoom