The January Sock Club/Summit Yarn KAL kits are all assembled and ready for the people who have subscribed for this first month.  These charter members are receiving their yarn at a 25% discount, a project bag to use with each month’s kit, 2 patterns and a gift to make the knitting go along with ease!  I am so excited to get this started and I look forward to hearing some feedback.

The color inspiration for this month came from an episode of “Deadliest Catch”, where the bay to which the fishermen return was blocked off with ice floes.  The colorway has icy blues, greys, white and a sparkle like newly fallen snow at midnight.  To me, this is what January looks and feels like…especially after all the Holiday decorations are put away and my home looks bare from the lack of all those decorations and their lights.

There are three kits, or six remaining skeins of yarn.  Individually the yarn retails for $19.00 a skein and it will take two skeins for one pair of socks.  One skein could produce a lovely neckwarmer or pair of mittens.  Please let me know if you are interested.

The yarn is ordered for February and there are still some spots available.  The yarn…well, think warmth, passion, and spicy hot for Valentine’s Day.  That’s it.  The patterns are written and I am just doing the test-knitting (at home!).  The stitch pattern for next month was inspired by a different but related stitch Donna found on the internet…of course I had to tweak it!  This pattern is a 4 row repeat and easy to remember as you knit it.  It is an easy and UNDERUSED technique that deserves more attention than it gets…especially because it makes it look like you worked hard, when it was really a breeze!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!  I plan to continue posting on a daily basis, there is an upcoming KAL (unrelated to the sock club) that will begin this week, as well as the usual free patterns for you as inspirations for me knocks on the door!  Take care and have a blessed year full of friends, fun and fiber!

Sincerely,  Mary Ellen Langieri  aka theHumanLoom at Summit Yarn Studio