The ICE FLOE Scarf -- January Summit Sock Club

The large lace texture in the middle of this scarf is made by the use of a double yarnover — or, more simply, by wrapping your RH needle twice instead of once.  On the wrong side row those two wraps are worked separately as two stitches; one is knit and the other is purled.  If this is a new technique to you, then here is a handout in the form of a pdf that will help you with this in a pictorial and step-by-step manner:  How to make a double Yarnover

Here is a swatch to help you play with this technique:

Cast on 30 stitches and knit 10 rows.  Then repeat the following rows:

1)  K5, (K2, K2TOG, YO X 2, K2TOG) X 3, K2, THEN KNIT 5 EDGE STS

2)  KNIT to the first double YO, purl into the first loop of the yo, then knit into the second loop of the yarn over; continue knitting across the row and working the double yarn overs as above.

3)  KNIT

4)  KNIT

REPEAT Rows 1-4 to desired length, then complete rows (1) and (2) once more.  End this scarf or swatch with 10 rows of Garter Stitch (knit every row) and bind off loosely (use a needle two sizes larger than the needle you used to knit this piece).

Another note:  if you are a busy knitter, or just busy living your life (as I’m sure you are) here is a tip to keep your knitting organized — Save All Your Labels AND Attach a piece of the yarn that matches the label to said label.  If you ever decide in the future you would like more of a certain yarn, or the same yarn in a different color, this makes it so easy…for you and for your LYS of choice.  Just keep a ziploc bag and toss the labels in there.  Toss it up on the top shelf of your closet…it becomes a palpable journal of your own personal textile journey.

So far today, two people came in and picked up their Summit Sock Club Kits for January and they both agreed, the colorway is the color of January.  Chris and Kathy were both going through their kits at the same time and I have to admit it was fun to watch them “take it all in”.  I can see that I’m really going to enjoy this new endeavor and enjoy sharing it with the people who play “with”.  Chris came in wearing the Encompass Cowl and it looks great on her:

Chris Spatt in her Encompass

Chris, like the rest of us, is trying to cut through her project pile.  Today she shared with me a crochet afghan she is making for her mother and it is gorgeous.  It is very warm to have on her lap as she works on it and she is just a very few rows away from done:

Chris's crochet afghan

I mentioned in an earlier blog that both my compuguru’s were out of town over the Holidays.  Suzy was up at the lake and Donna went north to ski.  Here are photos of shared knitting time with her friend Carol:

So this is what you were doing as I was compucrashing! This looks much more relaxing!

Donna's friend Carol...making a hat or mitts...

And for the pet photo of the day, let me introduce Daisy…whenever I go visit her it is absolutely old home week…kisses and romp galore!

Daisy D'Arnold

Kathy asked me about the KAL.  Here is a little info:  we will be doing a square at a time of Victorian stitches…some lace and some knit/purl.  It takes about 75-100 yards for each square and 3300 yards for the whole afghan.  This Wednesday will be the first square and I hope you join me in this stashbusting exercise.  You can knit in any gauge you choose, in any yarn you choose…while the first square is challenging, it teaches you the techniques you need for the rest of the afghan.  There are 30 different stitches.  You can knit each strip all in one piece or each square separately, as you choose.  Go get needles and stash yarn and get ready!!!

Take care and lets get our knit on this year!!!xox theHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio