Shell Pattern

Today we are beginning the Summit Yarn KAL for 2011.  This is an afghan pattern I designed two years ago at the request of my Friday night knitting group.  There are twenty squares, three insertions and a knit on border.  All the stitches are from the 1800’s and many come from patterns in “Weldon’s Practical Knitter”.  Any of these “squares” could also be knit as a scarf, so you could look at this as the opportunity to create a beautiful piece for your home AND have patterns for 25 scarves along the way.  I hope to release a new square every week…but life always has surprises, as does the art of design.  Please add your comments and photos to this process…I love to hear from you…really, the bad, the ugly and the good!

The only technical challenge for this square is to learn how to purl two stitches together through the back loop.  YOu have to reach around the back of your work and put the RH needle through the two stitches to be purled together as in the photo below:

purling two sts together through the back loop

Wrap your needle as per usual and create the new stitch, see the next photo:

two stitches purled together

This has been test knit by the knitters here at Summit Yarn AND I took this home last night and double checked for errors.  I also put the stitch count in at the end of the rows because it changes almost every row.  Enjoy!xox theHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio in Clarks Green, PA  ;-D

close-up of my square for this KAL