Yesterday I finished knitting my first square for this afghan in Shell Pattern.  Both sides are beautiful and I took a photo to show you (those of you who haven’t knit it yet).  And Chris, YES, it would be beautiful as a cowl…I will explain my senior moment next time I see you.  Let it be known I can be such a flake.  Sometimes I wonder I can remember to breathe.  Here is the photo:

reverse side of shell pattern

Last night I typed up next week’s square and knit from the hand-written pattern.  I guess I wrote this more than two years ago since the copyrighting is for 2007…where does time get to?  Will print out my typing and test knit that as well today…but things look great for this one.  It will be…oh, you would need to check in next Wednesday for that information!

Our lovely Ice Princess has been named by Donna and by my husband, who both chose the same name indenpendently…interesting.  James, our talented ice artist, told me how pretty she looks at night in the lights, so I stopped back after working out to photograph her and HE WAS SO RIGHT!  Other news, no pun intended, is Kudos to James Mitchell and the article The Abingotn Journal wrote about his sculpture.  See the back of the front section for multiple photos…and thank you James for the mention of Summit Yarn.  The phone was ringing off the hook yesterday afternoon!  Robin Domenico and Clare came by with copy for me to see and even stopped by Ewenice for an autograph and a photo:

Robin & Clare with our Ewenice

Ewenice sparkling in the moonlight last night

close up view

I did post a bunch of photos of the KAL on both the pattern page on Ravelry and my own project for this afghan (theHumanLoom). I also set up a “PAGE” this knit-a-long as you can see at the very top of this blog page on your computer.  All the square patterns will be here to make downloads easier, as well as reference to the date of the blog in case there are techniques addressed in the corresponding blog.   I am knitting a smaller version on finer weight cashmere on US4 needles.  Why?  Because I want to, because working in this color (white) will make better and sharper photos for everyone else and it’s pretty!  Take care and I am so glad for the positive feedback and HUMBLED by the response.  Have a great day and stay in touch!  Loads of Love (this is how my Granny signed everyting), Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio