Ewenice this morning with her new fleece!

This morning when we arrived a the studio there was just a dusting of snow on the ground, at most an inch.  Ewenice looked great, though, like the season had given her a new woolly coat!  We had several visitors today, Debbie, Denise and Donna…I guess the only people who go out in the snow also have their names begin with D.  Denise finished a scarf, originally designed by Alicia in a different yarn (DB Alpaca Silk and Aromatherapy yarn).  Denise chose two different Noro yarns and the first scarf is chock full of color blocks and looks great!  Here are two photos:

done in K1P1 rib starting with three sts and increasing to 15 sts...knit to length desired, decrease and put a tassel at each end. Spectacular!

Note the color blocks the Noro yarn lends its projects.

This project is easy, stress free and done on US15 needles.  Denise is also busy on a blue baby blanket made out of Big Softee…a washable chunky weight yarn available at Summit Yarn in four colors:  blue, pink, yellow and white for just $5 a ball.  Denise uses six balls to make a basket weave stitch blanket…quick and ready in a snap!

Donna came by for some Flounce yarn, the newest trendy fancy yarn on the market.  We had a lovely visit and she shared a photo album she received this Christmas from her family…from her birthday this summer.  It was beautiful and I can’t wait to try this myself.  Donna went out to get a formal introduction and autograph from Ewenice and even shared her scarf with our dear sheepy friend:

Donna and Ewenice having a Chat!

Brian went out and shot some photos of Ewenice and the Snow and anything that caught his eye…

It's nice he remembered to wear a hat...maybe next time we'll shoot for a coat as well...

I spent the day working up a new pattern and technique to amuse you all.  Brian helped with the photography…hard to knit and shoot photos at the same time.  The pattern is one I have been working on with Patti Mac, who now likes to have one on needles at all times.  It is a moebius cowl done all in one piece on 40 inch circular US9 needles.  Like finding an adequate explanation for how to do short rows 10 years ago for sock heels and toes, this is another technique that does not receive enough attention because the few explanations available are difficult to master.  Next week you will have a step by step photo tutorial and directions to knit this cowl in either garter or welt pattern stitches!  I just need to spend some personal time with the Mac putting the pdf together.  You will need 2 stitch markers of different colors, US9 needles 40″ circulars, and about 250 yards of drapey yarn.

Speaking of Patti Mac, here is a photo of the cat she rescued and her dog.  This is how they sleep every night (cutest photo of the day!):

Black Cat Encompasses Schnauzer

Take care.  Stay home and safe and warm.  Come by tomorrow to see Ewenice…she’s looking for you!xox TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn