Railway Stitch: Square Number 2 for Arsenic & Old Lace Afghan

This week’s stitch is called:  Railway Stitch and was originally knit as a sock on US000 needles.  It was published in 1889.  This is a six-row repeat of knit and purl stitches and creates a woven-looking fabric with long vertical rows of knit stitches.  Just remember, if you are using more than one color, to ALWAYS begin a new color on a right-side row to avoid bicolor purl stitches on the right side of your fabric.

Notice the bicolor purl stitches horizontally between the pink square and the green garterstitch...ALWAYS begin a new color on the right side of your work to avoid this.

I am thrilled with the interest in this Knit-A-Long (KAL) and hope to hear from you as you go along with this project.  What yarn are you using?  Who are you knitting this for?   When I am working on this pattern there are really only two rows I have to pay much attention to:  Row 1 and Row 4, because they set the pattern for the following row.  Row 2 and Row 5 are just knit the knits and purl the purls in the stitches between the seed edge stitches.  Row 3 is KNIT, and Row 6 is PURL.  Do this a couple of times and there is a flow to this stitch pattern that is enjoyable.
Have a wonderful week and an enjoyable knit!  Take care, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio