Came home from the studio yesterday to discover my husband and son watching “Bill Cosby:  Himself”.  I am 47 years old now.  I saw Bill Cosby live at the New Jersey Garden Arts Center doing this very same comedy show when I was 12 years old.  I have watched the taped version of this comedy “concert” many times over the years…over the past (and I take a deep breath here) 35 years.  I’ve watched by myself, with boyfriends, with my husband, and now with my son.  This is a classic.  Every time I watch this, there is a different part that has “become true for me”.  As my husband and I discussed and laughed over it, we realized we have grown up and become adults through these phases of Bill Cosby.

The first time I saw this concert, my parents took my brother and I to watch this live in the 1970’s.  It was laugh-out-loud, pee-the-pants, cry and wipe my eyes hilarious.  Mostly I related to the children described, you know the ones:  “Jesus Christ” and “G–Dammit”.  My brother and I were those children.  Most of all I remember my father’s laughter.  He laughed until he cried, and then he laughed more.  I didn’t understand all the reasons for his laughter then; I understand some of the reasons now.  He laughed at how hard it is to raise a family.  He laughed at how hard it is to be a spouse and a parent.  He laughed at how hard it is to just be a decent human being.  My father died 20 years ago, but watching this act brings my father’s laughter and my father back to life in an instant.  Thank you Mr. Cosby.

This time as we three watched the same act, none of us moved.  My son was sprawled in my chair, my husband had a cat on him and I just stood mesmerized by the cat tree.  When Mr. Cosby got to the part where his wife talks to the ceiling, both my son and my husband shot a very quick glance at me and we all broke out into raucous laughter.  Yes, people, I talk to the ceiling every night…from the time Brian goes up to take a shower to the time I, myself, head upstairs to bed.  It usually starts with:  “I don’t hear the water running” or “That water has been running an awful long time…do you think Brian actually got in the shower?”.  Gary never talks to the ceiling.  How come it is always the Mom’s?

This routine is STILL as funny as the first time I heard it.  Perhaps our ability to laugh at ourselves is what makes us most human after all.  I know, for myself, since I have been writing this blog, I hear and listen and watch this world a little differently.  I like to hear something and then think:  what if someone heard that phrase or sentence out of context…what would it sound like to them?  I get a lot of dirty looks from people because…well, I’m sure you get the idea.  I tend to laugh out loud.  I heard a woman say last week about another woman:  “Well, at least she’s getting used to the idea of her husband dying…”. I heard it out of context and at the tail end of a conversation.  Every time I get mad at my husband I get a little more used to the idea of his death in the future.  What woman doesn’t, I ask you?

Mostly, I think we should all allow ourselves to laugh more.  If you haven’t seen Bill Cosby in awhile, rent a DVD.  You’ll thank me later!   Life is short…it should be fun.  Take care and have a lovely week.  Allow yourself to have fun.  May your heart be light and your shoulders relaxed.  Loads of love, TheHumanLoom