Ewenice on Monday...still looks fluffy!

We are in the thick of stranded knitting here at Summit Yarn.  Maggie Boga is back and wants to knit the Kitten Mittens (they are on Ravelry, along with bunches of other good things).  While she works on those I am going to adapt the Kindle Death chart to mittens as well (see Ravelry).  At first glance this pattern looks like a traditional Swedish motif but on closer inspection there is a skull in the middle of the stylized snowflake!  Love this!  While you are on Ravelry, also have a look at SpillyJane’s designs…there are a bunch of these I love…especially the gnomes!  And don’t forget to look up Kieran Foley…just genius ideas.

Chris Spatt was in yesterday and had her two socks at a time on the 47 inch magic loop cord and seemed very pleased…as she should be…she is doing a great job!  We talked about heel turns and picking up stitches on heel flaps.  I passed on my own techniques for a better look.  Every knitter has that one something they do for a better finish.  I always enjoy hearing what other people come up with…that conversation is perhaps what I like best about knitting…that and tweaking patterns!

Chris Spatt's Socks doing magic loop technique

Be careful today…I hear there might be some bad weather on the way.  Stay warm, keep your loved ones close and your knitting closer!xox TheHumanLoom and

Summit Yarn Studio

I look like I'm in pain because it's so cold!