Leaf Lace Square...aka as Fir Cone and more...

This week’s square is one of my favorites for many reasons:  it is just pretty, it is easy to remember the pattern, it looks like leaves to me, and it is a ubiquitous pattern…one of those patterns that every lace knitting heritage has arrived at over the course of time.  This pattern also easily lends itself to many adaptations, as our knitter Lourdes found out.  Take time to swatch and play with this stitch pattern.  See what variants you come up with…see how it “blends” from lace pattern to the next.  As always, let me know what you think!

How are the other two squares coming along?  Lisa shared hers with me.  Martha is collecting and saving the patterns, as is Jan in Texas.  Gerri, are you doing this afghan?  How about you other ladies in the Netherlands?  How about our friend in Holland?  Who else out there is following along?  FYI, I have been going through the studio’s stash and I could be talked in to Freebie Friday Contests…leave comments if this interests you!

Have tons of photos from yesterday and more today.  It may be wet and yucky but the ice storm turned the world into a Crystal Palace.  The cats loved having us home yesterday and were adorable as always.  This morning the trees are all outlined in snow…every single branch.  Ewenice is our stalwart Queen of the Studio.  Ice has accumulated on her, solidified and turned white, and frozen into a new coat of “fleece”.  She is now in her third week of life!

I did put in an order yesterday for limited edition yarn from Cheryl Schaefer Yarns.  I ordered Anne and Nichole in the WILD WOMAN COLORS.  If you are interested let me know.  The names of the colors are:  Calamity Jane, Josephine Baker, Mae West, and Janis Joplin.  I sent in a post with the link just now…take a look.  If you are interested, I am happy to ship to you wherever you may be…just send an email with your info to:  summityarnstudio@aol.com .  Take care and don’t be shy…life is too short for that!

OH…the new Marion Foale collection just arrived!  This is just like Christmas but much better!  Will let you know more later!  Gonna go dig through a new box of yuumy yarns and patterns.  Wish you were here!!!xox and loads of love, TheHumanLoom and

Summit Yarn Studio

Sputters in a tent from JoAnn!