Ewenice with her new icy fleece

It has been icing here for the last two days, and while we have all been slipping and struggling with this, Ewenice has reaped the benefits…she may still be here in July if things keep up this way.  There is more ice to her now than there was a few days ago and it looks really pretty, white and like new fleece.

Hmmm...what could this be?

LOTS of new fun things are due to arrive here on February first.  Among them a very passionate red yarn just for subscribers to the Summit Sock Club.  There are only four open spaces for next month’s club.  If you are interested, the club package can be shipped to you…just email me and let me know of your interest.  Membership is just $30 a month and includes a new sock pattern, an alternate pattern, the yarn you need to complete the project and fun surprises along the way.  Last month’s club reflected a 25% discount on the yarn included for that month!

Marion Foale's new book arrived today.

Both Marion Foale’s latest book and her yarn (100% wool and sooo soft) arrived today.  This yarn is perfect for all the projects in this book.  My favorite project is the wrap called: Lucy; but there are a hat, scarf and several sweaters in this publication I am inclined to knit.  The other reason this yarn came in is for Selbuvoter/stranded color knitting.  It is perfect for the mittens we have been working on and for other stranded knitting projects as well.  Here are the colors which arrived today:

Marion Foale's 3 Ply 100% Pure Wool Made in England 238 yd/50 gm

The latest Debbie Bliss magazine also arrived today.  It has an emphasis on lace, color knitting and two very sweet dresses for little girls.

Alicia was the only brave soul to come to class this morning and she is working on her next project:  an entrelac stole in Noro Silk Garden Sock and Tilli Thomas silk with sequins.  She is almost done with Encompass…just eight rows to go.

close up view of Alicia's Entrelac Stole...her own design!

I began a sample in the new Marion Foale yarn and am continuing with the newest sock pattern (knitting and pattern writing for the February Club).  The studio will be open Thursday morning, but then closed until this Sunday (we will open on Sunday from 1-4 pm) so I can attend Vogue Knitting Live and take a class in some Estonian Knitting techniques.  I will have my camera at the ready and continue blogging everyday, so stay tuned.

Snow is lining the branches of the trees outside.

After the icestorm on Tuesday

Here is the last photo of the day (from Tuesday actually):  the twins are keeping me company while I work on the pattern for the next sock club…

Nikkers (left) and Sputter (right) sitting on my "Anne" Schaefer Yarn lace shawl

Take care and I look forward to sharing with you all about Vogue Knitting Live in New York City this weekend.  xox TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio