Today was Day One of Vogue Knitting Live!  Someone asked me why it was called by this title.  I didn’t know at first.  Upon reading the brochure, (always a good idea) I discovered the intent was to make this a live experience of the magazine…instead of a reading experience.  I can honestly say, this venue has lived up to my hopes and expectations.  The only magazine I carry at Summit Yarn is Vogue Knitting.  There is a reason.  There is more than one reason.  I like to use it as a thank you gift for wonderful customers.  It is the only magazine that keeps its eye on the pulse of the fashion industry.  The clothes in it are just that…fashion for those of us who don’t want to look like we are wearing something that would otherwise belong girding the back of a porcelain throne.

Past Meets Present in Fashion at the entrance to the Knitting Yarn Market today.

We were all up and at it early this morning, with breakfast at 7:30 and classes beginning at 8:30 a.m. in rooms all around the hotel.  I took “Patent Stitches — The Estonian Approach”  with Merike Saarniit and I loved every single minute of this class.  While this stitch, which translates “special stitch” and means “paired stitch” (a stitch paired with a yarnover ON THAT STITCH), is similar in anatomy to the K1Below technique, it has a far greater range and infinitely more possibilities…as I learned today without doubt.  The syllabus was well-written and the directions were clear and easy to follow.  We were encouraged to work at our own pace and yet no student was left behind…Merike was more than adept at the multitasking necessary to keep a class of 14 students moving forward together.  And I am always a major stinker…I worked all the way through the handouts, so that at the end Merike was putting swatches in front of me to see if I could get there too.  Also playing along in this game was…YSOLDA TEAGUE!  Talk about a talented knitter…Ms. Teague was able to figure out a stitch called:  Double Net, a reversible brioche stitch…not only did she figure this stitch out but she also figured out how to do this in two colors.  Wicked Awesome!!!  After class some people reported being tired…I can’t imagine why; I was completely jazzed and ready for more.  Bring it on!  So, I signed up for one more class tomorrow morning!  Yay!  Tomorrow, I will learn some new Estonian stitches not covered today…with Merike Saarniit.

Left = K1Below; Right = Patent Stitch (bigger, more elastic stitches with dozens of incredible uses INCLUDING Cable technique!).

What really boggles my mind is this:  Patent Stitch Technique is clearly something we knitters need to add to our stitch repertoire; whether a little or a lot, one stitch or a few, this is a technique that can only improve a knitter’s skill.  One thing I liked about this technique was that is made the knitters in the class want to be able to “read” the stitches in their knitting better.  Being able to see what the stitches are doing in your knitting is an indispensable skill.  WHY THEN DOES XRX HAVE A COMPLETED BOOK BY MERIKE SAARNIIT ABOUT THIS TECHNIQUE IN FULL WHICH REMAINS UNPUBLISHED…AFTER FIVE (5) YEARS?  PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME.

a sample of Merike Saarniit's knitting -- Patent Stitch

After class, the yarn market opened at 5 p.m. and encompassed two levels.  The knitterati were out in full:  I met Cookie A and Ann Hanson, visited with Carol Sulcoski and Franklin Habit, saw Nicky Epstein, chatted with Maggie Jackson (who still hasn’t forgotten the morning my husband in boxers had to rescue Maggie from our loving but large labrador), and yes, I completely succumbed to the yarn in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth…I am a yarn-whore.  I should rename this blog:  Confessions of a Yarn…oh, wait, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee already covered that, didn’t she?

Poster of Vintage Vogue Knitting Magazines

If for some reason you have time and the ability to take a class or two, there are still classes with space (including one on Sunday Morning and one on Sunday Afternoon about Estonian Elongated Stitch) — then get yourself online and register!  Make time for this special event…you will thank me later!

Nikkers and Durga looking for their Mama. See you tomorrow guys!xox

Take care, write to XRX and ask them for this book by Merike Saarniit, and come see me at the studio this Sunday so I can show you all the goodies and stitches from Vogue Knitting Live 2011!  May your life be free from all drama and full of time to knit, laugh, live fully and love the people with whom you share Life.

loads of love,  Mary Ellen Langieri and Summit Yarn Studio