Completed class projects from two different Merike Saarniit classes. Note the Faux Entrelac on the cuff of the mitt!

Yesterday I so enjoyed the six hour class with Merike Saarniit that I registered for and got the last seat in her class this morning.  And…I am SO GLAD I did.  I wound up taking nine hours of classes and she is an excellent instructor.  I was able to learn all the featured techniques and several extras besides…and yet there are so many ideas and questions as a result of these classes!  Here is a close up pic of one of my most favorite stitches from class:

Two-Color Net Stitch

Today we learned Faux Entrelac, an Embrace Stitch (looks like cable but it is not), and reviewed some two-color Patent stitches.  I even tried a different sort of two-color long-tail cast on.  the result was very pretty indeed.

There were more knitterati today, of course, including the Yarn Harlot herself.  As I was walking through the lobby I saw a sweater–a very lovely sweater–and stepped up to compliment its owner…of all people, Meg Swanson!  She was so much fun to visit with and her vibe was a kind of calm I can only hope to aspire to in some future life.  I look forward to someday taking a class with her…and if you ever get the opportunity DO NOT MISS IT!

I hope Vogue repeats this event next winter here on the east coast.  They are doing a similar event in Southern California next September.  Check it out, I am sure the details are already on line.  This was a wonderful gathering.  The classes were just the right size to get to know both the other students and the teacher in a real way.  The Hilton was just a perfect place…everything you could want or need within walking distance or right on site.  Even a 24 hour deli across the street with food at reasonable prices.

on my way home...great shot of the Empire State son's favorite landmark in NYC

After class I hit the road and had a wonderful, peaceful drive home.  Had a little trouble getting the GPS up and running, so I just drove towards the Lincoln Tunnel until she decided to get her darn act together.  Then there were detours that the GPS knew nothing about.  I grabbed my titanium testicles out of the glove box, dodged taxi drivers and enormous trucks and somehow (I will never know how) found the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.  After that it was smooth sailing home.

Delaware Water Gap

a bridge on the way into Pennsylvania

FYI, there is construction at the Delaware Water Gap that backed things up about thirty minutes.  Everything gets squished down to one lane.  But the day was sunny and it was a peaceful day.  I enjoyed the trip home and the time to myself to contemplate the events of this gathering of incredible knitters in New York City.  It was awesome to see on people, in person, all the knits I see so often on Ravelry and know even who designed them; let alone meet the very designers themselves!

It is good though to be home and hug all my many loved ones.  Take care and come see what I made at the studio tomorrow!xox Mary Ellen/theHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio  ;-D

Sputters is hugging Nikkers...such brotherly love...who could resist?