Franklin Habit in the Vintage Hat he knit

The pattern for the Vintage Sleeping hat which Mr. Habit is wearing in this, my favorite photograph of him, is from an old issue of Knitty.  My friend Martha Wells is the person who first introduced me to this charming, opinionated and KIND human being.  Mr. Habit is one of my most favorite knitting teachers and it is always a pleasure to read his blog (The Panopticon), follow his adventures on facebook and stay updated about his cohorts (Dolores and YarnPoetHarry) on Twitter.  If you don’t follow…you should.  He loves books a great deal, and as I share that same enduring sentiment, I think this alone qualifies him as a “Good Person”.  I took two classes with him recently at Loop in Philadelphia.  He was patient, kind and always there for his students.  So here goes:

Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday to You!  Happy Birthday Dear Franklin/Dolores/YarnPoetHarry,

Happy Birthday to You!  And Many More!  ChaChaCha!!!

Franklin Habit at a book signing for his book, "It Itches"

We had a very busy day here at Summit Yarn.  We are exploring all kinds of ways to knit socks, different types of colorwork, and trying to catch up on backlogged projects in general.  I figure I am so far behind my immortality is guaranteed.  What God would ask me to die, only to have to start knitting all over again in another life…just let me keep going until I get to the end of my list thankyouverymuch!  Suzy is really exploring her Chanel Jacket idea and we are both enoying the “Art” aspect of this.  If you have a Chanel Jacket, please send a photo.  We are hunting down details.  Here is the latest find:

Chris is very nearly done with her January Summit Sock Club socks.  Rose is getting along much better with her cable afghan (photo tomorrow).   I am close to the heel turn on my January socks.  Hard to choose which project sometimes.  Anyway, here is some awesome new:

1)  Schaefer Yarns Wild Women will ship the first of February.  If you are interested please let me know of your interests as soon as possible as this is a limited edition collection that is sure to sell out quickly.

2) Also arriving the first week of February for a limited engagement is a trunk show from Great Adirondack Yarns featuring one of a kind yarns just for you, customers of Summit Yarn Studio.  These yarns are perfect Valentine’s gifts for the yarn-lover in your life.  Just think:  better than chocolate and NO CALORIES!  It doesn’t get better than this.  We will have this trunk show for two weeks, so don’t miss this very tempting yarn tasting!

3)  The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club still has a few spaces left.  Just go to their website and register if you are interested.  There are six shipments throughout the year and the cost is $240 for one year.

4)  The yarn is on the way for the next installment of our Summit Sock Club…just $30 for the February installment and you can play along one month at a time as you choose.  Think passionate, fiery red this time!  And:  a never before published pattern just for you…not available anywhere else!

Stay warm and come soon for a cup of tea and some yarn!  As always, yours in fiber and all things wool,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio

NIkkers is glad to have his Mama home!