Today was a warm, wonderful return to the knitting studio at Summit Yarn.  There were lots of visitors, lots of funny stories and belly-jiggling laughter.  I seem to have a way of getting myself into situations; situations which I share only with a very few people…who listen patiently, laugh, remind me to check the baggage and watch it go away on the conveyor belt of karma and then they pat me on the back and nod Knowingly.  God Bless those friends…they are the reason for any sanity I still possess.

That said,  Martha was first through the door with her dog, Jaddu.  Interestingly, she had completed a hat using an Estonian stitch related to the Faux Entrelac stitch I learned at Vogue Knitting LIVE.  The stitch gives a really great look to handpainted yarn, is stretchy and the edge is very interesting.  Here are two photos:

Martha's Spiral Hat

close-up view of the hat and stitch

Next through the door, because we had a date to contemplate Chanel Jackets, was Suzy.  We got to look at a few but there’s still more before this design idea will gel.  Here are photos of out favorite:

Real Chanel Jacket for sale on ebay

Notice how much more flattering the jacket is ON a figure than just laying flat. This is characteristic of authentic Chanel clothing because of the couture techniques used in the production of this clothing.

Close up of stitch detail: this is the same stitch Robin Domenico uses in her Tricolor Stitch Scarf (published in an earlier post).

Meanwhile, three members of the January Summit Sock Club came in with all their projects and their socks-in-process.  Donna Arnold has completed two pattern repeats on her High Seas lace stole, designed by Kieran Foley, and it is lovely.  Have a look:

close up view of the small wave motifs

the Bigger Picture of High Seas

Kathy is most of the way through the first square of the Arsenic & Old Lace Afghan.  I love how this looks in winter white 100% wool.  This is so classic and fits with just about any decor.  It also makes a wonderful wedding gift.

Square #1: Shell Stitch

Donna and Jamie have both finished the first sock of a pair in Cookie A.’s “Monkey”.

Donna's Sock in green Blue Moon STR and Jamie's Sock in Great Adirondack Smoochie

I have been working on a multitude of things, among them a sample using the new Marion Foale yarn in her pattern for the Luch scarf.  I also got the Lucy Shawl on needles today — but that is just for me.  I am using Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blue Faced Leicester Sport in two colors:  Blackbird and Deep Unrelenting Grey.  Here are pics:

Lucy Scarf in Marion Foale's 3 ply Wool

Beginning edge of Lucy Shawl in Blue Moon yarn

While we were all happily knitting and chatting, my son, brave soul that he is decided to take it upon himself to teach my husband how to ski.  I did not see or hear from them until 6pm.  It was nice to sit in the studio after hours and do what I please for awhile, but also worrisome.  My husband has a tendency to crash…and burn.  Well, all things went well and they had a great time!  Here is a photo of my dear son looking like a ski-ninja:

Brian in his ski-wear on the Mountain

Take care and thanks again for your readership!  This blog is doing very well and we have had already over 7000 views this month.  Please spread the word AND let me know your own reactions and stories.  I love to hear from you, whever you may be in this world!  Sincerely and with loads of love,  Mary Ellen/aka TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio