Tuesday is the day I get to visit with my friend Lisa at the studio if she is free and I look forward to our visits very much.  After today, she may not feel the same.  She wanted to sign up for something on the internet and I offered to do the grunt work while she worked on the project and techniques I was teaching her this week (magic loop two at a time mittens).  She did great with the mittens and I went to Dante’s seventh circle of CompuHell.  It all worked out in the end.  She is now signed up with all her info intact.  I am sure she will never ask for help with anything other than knitting again!

Ewenice is looking lovely and James Mitchell, her creator is putting her up an even higher pedestal.  We are hoping he will be able to carve her out of wood at a later point this year!  Keep your eyes open because he will be at the studio during the day sometime this week to give her a little face lift!  I can hardly wait to see him at his Art!

I turned the heel on the second January sock today and now am in the home stretch.  Chris is very nearly done.  Donna is close as is Jamie.  I love Cookie A’s Monkey pattern and plan to try it all in stockinette stitch…I heard it is just as beautiful this way!

Take care and get ready…tomorrow is new square day!  We are all hoping Miriam’s yarn arrived from France.  Corina is kindly translating the pattern into Dutch.  And I am hoping to figure out how to put a translation button on this site to make it more user friendly.  Don’t hold your breath…it may take some tears and gnashing of teeth…but I will get it done!  loads of love and light,  Mary Ellen aka TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio