Ewenice still keeping watch over Summit Yarn

This week the square is a knit/purl textured square to keep a balance between the lace openess and the solidity of the textured squares.  The next strip of squares will begin with a knit/purl square, then lace, then knit/purl…and so on.  Each strip of squares in this afghan alternates this way for the weight and pattern balance I spoke of in the first sentence.  

Interestingly, Knitting Daily had a post about the featured stitch in this week’s square:  Double Seed or Moss Stitch.  Seed stitch, moss and their relatives are variants of the same thought and are small versions of larger stitches we call basketweave stitches.  The center of this square is framed on the top and bottom with a garter ridge and at the sides with an elongated knit stitch (accomplished by slipping this stitch every right side row).

Square Number Four on my needles


clean socks hung up to dry this morning

Moss Stitch Square

I ran a load of laundry late last night and hung up the socks this morning.  These are just the socks I wore last week.  I love handknit socks and have to confess that I have selfishly knit myself an obscene number of pairs of them.  One pair in that photo is about ten years old.  Another, the yarn is from Purl Soho.  The yellow pair, Donna A. and I knit that pattern at the same time not too long ago.  The bright ones all the way at the other end are called:  FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN and may be my favorite color ever.  Today, Barb Stauffer came in with her completed pair in Schaefer’s Anne:

completed socks for Barb's grandson!

Here is a close up view of two socks showing the grafting at the toes.  One pair almost looks like there is a ridge and the other looks continuous.  The ridge is a result of pulling the yarn too snug while grafting (or doing the “Kitchener Stitch)…the moral:  keep it loose!

two grafted toes

I only have about three pattern repeats left on the foot of my January sock club sock and then the toe decreases.  Here is a photo from yesterday, but they are closer to done than this:

Cookie A.'s Monkey Sock Pattern

Rose is making wonderful progress on her afghan on the hardest of the strips (she has to make two):

That’s all for today.  Have fun with the new square and please leave comments.  Here is a photo of the Queen of Everything — she was not too pleased with me arranging the bunnies around her!xox TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn