All the usual suspects were there in force last night and we had a great time, with lots of knitting, sharing and laughter.  We talked about my trip to Vogue Knitting Live and the purchases made at the Marketplace.  I shared about Merike Saarniit and her wonderful classes and techniques.  Most of I all I got to catch up on what these ladies have been up to for the last two weeks.  They are mothers, grandmothers, teachers, bloggers and wonderful human beings who remind me that every mundane day is something so MUCH MORE.

Lisa was hard at work on her Rhinebeck Sweater (from “A Fine Fleece”) and is very nearly to the armholes.  She is knitting this out of a lovely Jacob Yarn produced locally by the Hull Sisters.  I have a bag full of this in a laceweight I am saving for a Kieran Foley lace pattern.

Lisa's Rhinebeck Sweater in natural brown Jacob wool

Cecily is hard at work on a fine knit from her own handspun yarn using the stitch from the scarf on this site called:  Tickle Me.  Here is a photo: (Cecily only had the sleeves left to go)

Cecily's Sweater of her own design

Nancy, a local schoolteacher who is retiring in 88 days (not that she is counting) is working on a knit vest to be felted in wonderful colors with diamonds knit into the fabric:

Nancy's vest

Bonnie, who is known for many things (tap dancing, cooking contest winner, and walking the three day walks to raise money for Breast Cancer Research) is knitting a Snood (essentially a cowl big enough to pull up over your head):

Bonnie's Snood

Donna Hill (a blogger, master knitter and all around fun person to spend time with) was casting on and not confessing her purpose:

Donna Hill

However, her dog Hunter was happy to pose for a sweet picture:

Hunter, a working dog who is just ADORABLE

Eve was hard at work on a baby hat for her grandson:

Eve's hat

JoAnn is very nearly done with this baby blanket and shared how she learned magic loop and liked it…!

JoAnn's baby blanket

JoAnn during her private knitting lesson at the studio Thursday afternoon where she conquered magic loop technique.

And finally, but never least and always funniest, was Patty Mac working on her flounce scarf and mobius.  Patty:  JoAnn had your other US13 needle for some reason…we found it after you left last night. (kisses to Freddy!)

Patty working on her Flounce scarf.

PattyMac's Mobius in green Schaefer Yarns Nichole...sooooooo soft!

I worked on my test knitting for Frog Tree for two inches, found a mistake, frogged it, and went home and reknit it because I am stubborn/stupid that way!  Have a wonderful day and stay tuned please…we are very close to having 10,000 views for the month.  Please keep reading every day and put out the word to new readers!  Loads of Love, Light and Laughter, Mary Ellen xox

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