Yesterday I had a customer come in who needed to get a project done FAST. Christine is a great knitter and I knew I could push her more than I might push other knitters.  I threw her in the deep end and she rose like Cream to the top!  I am so proud of her!

She needed a pair of elbow length mitts for a black tie event tonight.  We selected a worsted weight Angora yarn and long cable circular needles.  I cast on and set up the knitting and then showed her how to use magic loop ( a new technique to her) to make both mitts in the round simultaneously (also a new technique to her).  We found safety pins marking the right side of the fabric useful and stitch markers (one for each side of each glove in alternating colors of blue and yellow) to be key visual aids.

Within 10 minutes Christine was doing this. Within 30 minutes she was doing this and breathing again at regular intervals.  After an hour she had two inches knit and was ready to go plow through her homework.  Here is a photo:

Christine feeling very proud indeed!

This morning we are going to design the slits for the thumbs (which will involve some RS/WS knitting) and then an inch or so of ribbing in the round and she will be set for her party tonight.  I hope she takes a photo so we can see how beautiful she looks!

This is a technique I use to do socks two at a time and I find it very efficient.  The trick is to make sure your balls (of yarn) do not get tangled.  Here is a photo of the February sock on my needles:

Magic Loop Two-at-a-Time Socks

If you are interested in learning this technique just come to class at the studio: Monday through Saturday 10:15 – Noon or Friday Nights 7 -9pm.  Take care and have a great Friday!xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio