Yesterday three crammed stuffed overloaded boxes arrived from Great Adirondack Yarn Company full of the most beautiful yarns!  There is such a huge assortment that I will write about each separately.  Today, the featured yarn is ULTIMATE — a one pound skein of bulky weight cashmere.  We have semisolids and multicolor versions and a one-skein pattern to go with this yarn.

one skein pattern for the ULTIMATE yarn experience!

There were six colors, however we have already sold out of two of those colors.  Remaining are the following four colors and the photos are true to the colors in the yarn:

Black Magic

My friend Kathy purchased a skein of this because she said it reminded her of stained glass windows.

Gertie Grape...this is my personal favorite!

Again, this yarn is 100% Cashmere and each one pound skein has 240 yards.  the pattern is quick and easy to do.  We will be having a class on how to do this stitch pattern this coming Friday from 7 – 9 pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend and there is sure to be lots of laughter!

Project updates:  Although it took us until 4:40pm, Christine and I did finish her mitts successfully and they were beautiful.  I will upload photos tomorrow.    Bev sent in photos of the Hugs and Hearts Scarf, as well as a beautiful photo of her new granddaughter wearing knit hat, socks and blanket…all made for her by Bev.  Debbie Branning is making progress on her Nordic Mittens and Lourdes is knitting them pair by pair like the crack that they are.  Ewenice is now three weeks going on four weeks old and still looking awesome.  She is up on a higher pedestal and is slated for a facelift next week according to James Mitchell, her creator.  Jamie has started her next sock project to mark time until the new Summit Sock Club kits are out.  She is working in Abstract fibers Marigold and the colors are sunny and happy. Jamie  is doing the last sock in Cookie A’s book, Sock Innovation.

We are watching the stats closely this weekend, as the blog approaches 10,000 views for one month (January) for the very first time.  I have a pattern to type today and two new store samples to work up for everyone.  Take care and have a wonderful Saturday.  yours in all things fiber and fun, TheHumanLoom