You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of the books by Clara Parkes, The Knitter’s Book of Wool AND The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I follow her on Twitter and in my next life I want to be her daughter…she is that awesome. Yesterday, she tweeted two wonderful things…first both the above mentioned books are now available for Kindle (they are both on my Kindle now as we speak) AND second, as if that wasn’t enough, SHE WILL HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT in hardcover and for Kindle called: THE KNITTER’S BOOK OF SOCKS!!!!!

Last winter we did a KAL with the second of her two currently published books and I am still wanting to knit the rest of the patterns. It is a rare thing for a knitting book to so possess me, but every pattern has proven to be worth its salt. If you don’t have a copy of either…go have a look…they are great books. The newest book about socks will be released FOR KINDLE in October of this year (the hardcover sooner I am sure) and can be preordered (with autodelivery to your Kindle). YAY!

Ewenice on her new pedestal!

It was WONDERFUL to get back to the studio today after two days of foul weather and icy roads. We had a full table for class this morning and lots of laughter. I shared some of the further misadventures on the mountain from Monday, and believe it or not I am looking forward to one more attempt this coming Monday. First, though I am going to purchase a very comfortable pair of knee-high socks.

Alicia is still hard at work on her new shawl design…stunning. Suzy dropped by with a skein of Tilli Thomas to exchange with Alicia. Chris and I began our trek into this month’s Summit Sock Club kit. Each kit is boxed up in a heartcovered picnic box and contains some delicious surprises. The patterns included a new sock pattern (a new take on a slip-stitch rib) and a cowl pattern with a different take on the same rib. Both are quick knits and the stitch patterns are easy to remember, making this an enjoyable knit. There are two spaces remaining.

I did pattern round-up this afternoon and found a few things in need of publication for your fun. Stay tuned…I know where this stack is and will get to this now that the beginning of the month jobs are complete.

Chris sent this in for us!

Tonight is knitting at the Tunkhannock Public Library from 6:30 to 9pm. The group is awesome and I always love to see what the group has gotten into in the course of the week past. It is never a boring visit. One of them came to the studio today. She lives on a quite RURAL road and nearby is a neightbor who is almost 80 years old. He does not leave his property. She is kind enough to get his groceries each week and shared with me she loves delivering the groceries in this icy weather! I had to hear this explanation: She drives up to the end of his walk and honks till he gets out to the porch. This is important because he has to get to the groceries before his geese do. Then she takes each grocery bag and slides it (think of the sport CURLING here) up the walk to where he can reach over the porch and grab the bag. Gotta love those images!

Take care, stay warm, drive safely and watch out for drivers who don’t…above all else: GET2NTN! Loads of love, light and laughter always,
Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn…and, of course, Ewenice

the twins yesterday...contentment!