The snow around here has frozen over and looks like a sheet of glisteny silk wrapped around our world from tree to tree. It is crunchy and as I drive around I can see the strata at the edges of the road in the snow…a history of our winter thus far. I know it is unbearably cold, but I do love this season and what goes with it. We have bunny tracks in the snow around our house. As the sun sets, the shadows from the trees are long and sharp across the white snow. It is a season of sharp contrasts surrounding us as we hibernate in snuggy warm houses or wrapped in our winter knits layer upon layer. Yin around Yang instead of side by side.

Ewenice is going on five weeks old and the weather has been just perfect for her; except maybe that last ice storm which tore away some of the back of her head. So, now we lovingly refer to her as “Ewenice Van Gogh”. She is the stalwart guardian of all things Summit Yarn. People still walk by and pet her head every day. She is a perfect landmark for this home of all things fiber and fun.

Last night was fun, hilarious (mostly at my expense…see the blog called: CONFESSION), and some hard work was involved for the students. I taught crossed long stitch and after rewriting the pattern for clarity and to correct mistakes, everything went well. The people who came knew there was more to the ski story than what I “dished” on line…and then reminded me of last summer and my fall off the boat…another time perhaps.

I have a ton of photos to go with today’s blog but the computer is being tempermental and I don’t know how to solve this. UGH! I have ice, snow, bunny tracks, cute kittens and cats and tons of knitting projects. It must be the phase of the moon or some planetary misalignment. I am now officially done fighting with this for today. Take care and go someplace cozy to get your knit on! Loads of light, love and laughter always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn