This morning Chris wanted some of my sock book recommendations and so, I went hunting through the stacks for my favorite go to books. I love the puzzle of knitting a good sock; its construction, architecture and choosing just the right stitch to accomplish the goal I have in mind at that time. Sometimes I just look at the pictures and hope for inspiration. Sometimes I actually knit the patterns in the books. Anyway, when push comes to shove, these are the references I use most for myself and the knitting students I teach.

Nancy Bush: ANY OF HER BOOKS but “Knitting Vintage Socks” is my favorite.

Anna Zilboorg: “Simply Socks”…but this book seems to have several incarnations; mine is paperback, but Martha has the same book with a different title in hardcover…FOR STRANDED COLORWORK…and not just for socks…I also think some of these charted patterns could be worked as knit/purl combinations instead of colorwork…(I am also a fan of her “Knitting for Anarchists”).

Cookie A: “Sock Innovation” and “Knit. Sock. Love.” and anything else she may ever write…just do what she says…she is fun and writes great directions.

Janel Laidman: “The Enchanted Sole” and “The Eclectic Sole” are written for the dreamers among us…these books are inspiring and just looking at them makes me smile. The pattern for her well-known sock, Rivendell is in “The Eclectic Sole”.

Vogue Knitting “The Ultimate Sock Book”: I like the pared down directions which are easy to modify depending on who I am knitting socks for and what yarn I am using.

Recently Acquired: Carol J. Sulcoski “Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn”– I purchased this book at Loop in Philadelphia and met Carol the same weekend I took a lace-knitting class with Franklin Habit. Carol is fun and I enjoyed visiting with her very much. The book is as wonderful as she is and proves a great introduction to other designers whose patterns I have not knit before. If I live long enough, I would like to knit all these socks; but the first ones I want to play with are: Switcheroo Socks, Chevvy Socks, and Spot Check Socks.

Cat Bordhi: “New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One” and “Personal Footprints” are both full of amazing architecture and new ideas. They are well worth “taking the Journey” as my Tai Chi teacher put it.

Stephanie Van Der Linden: “Around the World in Knitted Socks” is new to my shelf and I have not yet played in this sandbox…though the patterns have architectures I would like to try and the colorwork that is absolutely one of my addictions. Do take a look at this or let me know if you have done any of these patterns. It is beautiful and one sock is prettier than the next.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Patterns: by various designers…I have loved every single pattern I ever knit from this source. My favorites are Lenore, Solstice Slip, Cleopatra’s Stockings, Gumdrop Socks, Winter’s Eve, Queen of Beads, Rogue Roses, and Holidazed. I have a stack of them still to knit and this stack is one of my most prized possessions. My favorite yarn from this company is the medium-weight Socks That Rock (Donna Arnold favors the light-weight version)…the yarn wears well and the colors…well, just go to the site…another wonder-filled journey worth taking.

For those of you in the Summit Sock Club: For the February Sock Pattern “Twizzle”, when you go to pick up the strand of carried yarn in Row 4 of the pattern, put your yarn forward (you are purling), put your needle in the stitch, then under the strand, wrap your needle and bring the new stitch through keeping the stranded yarn in front of the stitch just worked (it runs opposite how this would be done if you were knitting the stitch…feel free to call or text me, really).

Chris Spatt's Twizzle in Chagall

Take care and send some good vibes this evening…I am making a second attempt at the mountain and am actually looking forward to the fun! with loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and SummitYarnStudio

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