This morning before work I was surfing the internet and reading my favorite knitting blogs. It had been awhile since I checked out Brooklyn Tweed and to my absolute delight, I found Jared Flood had published a pdf downloadable version of Juneberry. This shawl is perhaps one of the prettiest lace designs he has done to date (with the only exception of Girasol…a fav for sure). This pattern had been published in a pamphlet by Classic Elite yarns and I have been at a loss to lay my hands on a copy. I could have worked harder, but all things come in time. Of course, I purchased and downloaded this pattern right away and began it this morning when I got to work because I do not have enough projects on needles…of course, not!

The pattern is put together quite nicely, as all the patterns are from Brooklyn Tweed. The charts are clear and easy to read. However, it would be so lovely (not only for myself but also for aspiring knitters) if designers would consistently have an abbreviations section in their patterns. It took a bit of tinkering, but I was able to come up with the inverse of SSK, which of course if SSP with out any twisting of the top stitch. I did look in the big Vogue Knitting book which had one explanation but not what I felt was meant in this particular pattern. Here is a photo tutorial of my answer.

The first stitch is a beautiful honeycomb of lace which must be related to traditional shell lace; perhaps, an expansion of it. The work is done on both sides of the knitting with only one “rest row” every fourth row.

Beginning of Juneberry

slip first stitch as if to knit

slip second stitch as if to knit


move these two stitches to LH ndl by inserting ndl through first st slipped and into second stitch slipped...note where the needle is in this photo

note how the two stitches are being transferred from the RH ndl to the LH ndl

the order of the two sts has effectively been reversed and I am getting ready to purl them together

insert RH ndl just as you usually would to purl two together

wrap your ndl just as you normally would

purl the two sts together

ssp completed...WS (wrong side or purl side) view

ssp completed...RS (right side or knit side) view

The whole point of this is to maintain the continuity of the “moving” stitches which create the honeycomb effect of this lace.  Purl 2 stitches together through the back loop does not work because the stitch that then lays on top of the decrease becomes twisted and diminishes the beauty of the pattern.

I am thoroughly enjoying this knit and recommend this pattern to you.  Be unafraid and take time to swatch!  Thank you Jared Flood for another lovely knit to knit, wear and definitely enjoy!

this is a real...not photoshopped...picture taken before this week's attempt at the ski lift and the bunny slope...there is a prize for anyone who can identify the book, name or source of the the three visible knitted items on my person!

Further Confessions:  Yes, I returned to the slopes last night.  Yes, I was ready to quit forever in the first ten minutes.  It was solid ice out there.  My husband kept naysaying me that it was “just” hardpacked snow…but on the planet I come from, if it is so dense a ski pole can’t be stuck in it, then that is ice my friends.  Also, if it is slick and shiny, I feel that is a great indicator of ICE.  I did have new and comfortable boots, shorter skis and wore far fewer knitted items…apparently I am well-insulated enough what with menopause and all.

I went into what is really a wave pool and practiced on the slope of “snow” there for quite awhile.  I fell just one time the whole evening…you can probably STILL see where that was because of the massive snow “sprawl”.  It was ugly, but I am okay and was able to rise to a standing position with one ski still attached.  I say rise instead of stand, because it is certainly a more accurate description…willed myself to a vertical position would also work.  After a great deal of practice I am happy to say I went over to the ski lift and fainted.  No, only kidding…I went over to the ski lift, got on the ski lift/off the ski lift/down the slope/attained STOP all without falling.  I now love skiing and am looking forward to our next outing very much.

Take care and have a wonderful evening.  Tomorrow is Free Pattern Wednesday you know.  Loads of Love, Light and Laughter Always, TheHumanLoom and

Summit Yarn Studio and of course, Ewenice