Ewenice in the afternoon sun today.

We had a busy day at the studio today.  There is some concern the stated yardage in the pattern “Damson” may not be enough.  Suzy’s research on Ravelry shows about 50% of projects required more than the stated yardage in the pattern.  Frustrating.  So tonight I am going to power knit to the end.  I have about 20 rows to go but they are long.  Fortunately, the pattern is easy to remember and the wrong side rows can be buzzed through.  Will let you know more tomorrow.

We also worked on another Ravelry pattern called:  “Purlieu” this week.  Lisa purchased the yarn and pattern.  It is a lovely knit but needs some editorial tweaking.  Lisa and I have reduced it down to a two row pattern, which, with the use of well-placed safety pins, works with much less stress and angst.  Look for a post on this on Ravelry later this week.

Jamie finished her first Cookie A. sock and it is beautiful.  She used Abstract Fibers Marigold sock yarn.  Here is a photo:

Jamie's Sock

Rose is doing well with her Aran Afghan.  She has doubled the length in the last week and I am quite proud of her efforts.  Now that we have rewritten the pattern so she does not have to refer back and forth to different rows during the course of each row, things are much smoother.  I fixed it so every row was completely written out and contained within itself.

one of two cabled panels for the Aran Afghan

Here are two of the three items I was wearing on the mountain while skiing last Monday (the contest is over with this close-up view folks) — the Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood (my adaptation done without the use of cable needle) and the XRX pattern for the Snowbound Aran, which so many of us made last winter.

Snowbound Aran Cowl and Koolhaas Hat

The third item of handknitting Monday were my beloved pair of stranded knit Selbuvoter Mittens in the snowflake pattern.  Lourdes and Lisa have also worked on this particular pattern, each in different and beautiful color combinations.

Twizzle -- Summit Sock February Sock Pattern

This is a close up view of one of my socks for this month’s Summit Sock Club.  The pattern is my own design and currently only available in the kit.  I love the stretchy nature of this textured rib which is sure to fit snug and be warm.  The colors for the March Summit Sock Club Kit have been selected and I am dreaming up a great knit for you now!  hmmmmm…

Brian and one of Lisa's cookies...! These make getting him to do his homework SO MUCH EASIER! Thank you Lisa! You are the best!

Last night I went home from work and straight to bed, something I rarely do.  Maybe it is the winter blahs or the moon or who knows?  The cats all piled on top of me and we had a lovely snuggle to shake the chill of the day off:

Sinfonia (foreground), Nikkers (right), Smidgen (far left--black cat) all staring at me like: "What gives Mom?"

Back to work on Damson.  I am knitting it in Saratoga — an amazing blend of cotton and Alpaca by Great Adirondack Yarns.  It is soft, not slick, and has a nice hand.  The shawl has a nice weight to it and I am looking forward to wrapping it around my shoulders.  You have a lovely night and happy knitting!  Corina:  I have not heard if those clarifications were helpful or not…that worries me.

Yours always with love, light and laughter,

Mary Ellen aka TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio

This is my friend Grace, who had to go to the vet for her boo-boo eye.