In a few moments we will solemnly gather around what is left of Ewenice’s remains and the boys will play taps for her.  She was wonderful company through the bitter cold of this winter and she will be missed by both Knitters and Locals alike.  We wish you well Ewenice and know that you are indeed part of the ongoing Circle of Life.

Ewenice this morning in the bright sunlight and 47 degrees.

Jake Arnold and Brian playing Taps for Ewenice

Thank you Ewenice…it was a real blast!

Linda was in today and has already completed the pink ruched scarf she set out to knit this past weekend.  It is lovely and here is a photo…the pattern is from Spud and Cloe yarns:

Knit in Amity...this is an acrylic/wool blend available in six self-striping colorways here at Summit Yarn for $5 a ball.

Patty Mac came in because she needed some yarn…she has a new dog named Temperance (Tempy for short)…a Lhasa Apso…I can hardly wait to meet our new little baby!!! Cookies are waiting for you sweetie!

Donna is all cast on and I shared my tricks for knitting with Mawata with her.  (See last blog about Mawata).  Donna’s is dyed…ours has not been shipped from Blue Moon yet and we are sad about this…sniff…

Donna working her first round of what is looking like a very short ribbing cuff on her mitten...Stay at it Donna!

What I shared with Donna, I will share here as well…If there is a remaining “end” from casting on then just ply it together with the drafted roving you are working with.  The beauty of this knitting is there are ZERO ends.  What if the roving breaks or is too thin?  Just overlay some more roving and get back to knitting.  This is a wonderful concept.  If you don’t spin then consult with someone who does.  Mawata are well-known to the spinning community.  If you don’t know a spinner then look in the phone book for a local spinning guild.  Or ask at your local library or LYS.

close-up view of first two rounds of 1x1 rib cuff

I did manage to get through a few pattern repeats of this week’s new square for the Arsenic and Old Lace KAL.  It is wonderful and there are not any errors.  Do not worry about getting the insertion done ahead of time…I know most of you are fast knitters and this square is not going to take you any time at all.

Take care and if you know anyone in Norway, Arkansas or Colorado…please ask them to read the blog as I am collecting flags and loving meeting new people!  For those of you who are participating in the Summit Sock Club…the March pattern is starting to Gel and I am hoping to get it on needles soon.

Wishing you loads of love, light and laughter always…especially today on Valentine’s Day,  Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio sent in by Jamie from her trip to Florida