I have one pair of circular Signature Needles in US5 and I love them.  I would have more if they would only make them in the small sizes (2.0mm, 2.25mm, 2.5mm, 2.75mm).  These are my most favorite sizes.  Recently, while reading The Yarn Harlot’s blog, I read she has a whole set of the straight stiletto points.  That is quite a recommendation!  So, I ordered a pair.  They arrived yesterday in the mailman’s hands.

No, I did not tackle the mailman.  Who doesn’t love when goodies arrive?  Anyway, I had a Galina Khmeleva pattern on hold and 600 yards of lace weight alpaca just waiting for each other.  Last night I began with this new set of 10″ stilletto single point straight needles.  They were WONDERFUL from the beginning AND when I had to knit three together…well, it was just the best thing since sliced bread and golf stroke counters (which by the way are GREAT row counters).

This is Miriam's first strip of her Arsenic & Old Lace Afghan (three more to go). Corina has also finished the first strip, but I haven't found any photos of the insertion on her blog just yet.

Miriam, from The Netherlands sent me this and one other photo this morning and how beautiful!  I also love how she set up the photo.  The next square is ready for typing and I have about half of it knit already.  I hope to have this typed and ready for release just after 7pm tonight (that is when tomorrow begins on WordPress).

Close-up view of where the insertion is knit directly onto the strip of Afghan Squares.

Rose and Alicia both are in this morning.  We found one typo in the Aran Afghan she is knitting.  Alicia is about halfway through her Entrelac Stole (the pattern is in the XRX book Scarves and Shawls for anyone interested).  Alicia’s project is a mix of yarns, so she has made this her own artwork.  I love it when people think outside of the box and make patterns work for them.  Here is today’s photo:

Alicia's Entrelac Stole

Chris swatched the sock pattern I wrote for her yesterday morning and decided how she was going to make the pattern work for her.  More on this in the future.  Suzy is disgusted with Damson and frogged that project.  Donna finished a pair of socks and wore them yesterday…nice too, because we were able to do gauge calculations from that pair of socks.  I am hard at work on my Frog Tree knitting projects and must say that I am loving the Pediboo  yarn.

My dog Daisy fell asleep with her face in the cupholder last night next to me.

That is it for now.  Check in later this evening for the new pattern download.  Have a wonderful day and remember:  Knitting is just sticks and string, baby!  It is your Artwork…find joy in every moment of that Art.  With loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen aka TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio xox

Sinfonia was trying to pin me down this morning..."Don't go to work Mommy, stay home with me today!"