Square #6: Pennant Pattern

This week’s square is a very highly textured knit/purl square; of which, there will be three in this strip, and two lace squares.  This was originally used as a stitch pattern for a man’s stocking.  I would like to use this in a sock myself but add purl stitches between each “pennant” to make this into a rib, which has a better fit no matter the recipient.  This is quick and easy to knit.

Picture of this week's Square to show some of the texture of this stitch pattern.

Remember, these stitches are written for right side/wrong side knitting, and can easily be adapted to become a scarf, cowl, sweater, hat or anything you might care to invent.  Have fun with this and please do send photos so I can share this journey with you! xox Mary Ellen

Lisa came in today to join in the Mawata fest that Donna also began yesterday.  Lisa was able right away to find that little place on the hankie where it looks like the moth may have left off spinning the cocoon and since she is a spinner, she got right down to work!

Lisa drafting silk roving to cast on and knit her mitten.

Unlike many of the videos on YouTube, we have been drafting the fiber as we go.  Donna tried predrafting a whole hankie before knitting and it was a challenge.  We all three found drafting against the knitting needle much easier and lots of fun.   Lisa had a great time this afternoon working on the cuff of her mitten.  Thanks to Lisa, I have written up my mitten pattern and will type and put it up here for your use.  We have also started pondering the possiblities knitting with roving opens up.  Lisa and I had slated our Blue Moon Mawata for mittens, but now find ourselves wondering if a scarf wouldn’t be nicer and more wearable with Spring really just around the corner.  Of course, that also might entail ordering another pair of Stilletto Point Signature Needles so the project could really be done properly.  I’m just thinking out loud.

Lisa during her private lesson today hard at work on her Mawata mitten! ;-D

Take care and have a great week of knitting.  More tomorrow and just an FYI:  it would seem the FULL MOON is blooming this week.  Keep your head down and eyes averted.  It is already looking ugly.  xox TheHumanLoom and Summit Yarn Studio