The last of Ewenice for 2011...RIP Ewenice!

At about 4:30pm today Ewenice developed some inner ear issues which made it difficult for her to stand upright any longer.  The she lost her head and I helped the rest of her down from her perch.  Kudos to James Mitchell for a wonderful sheep which we all enjoyed.  His artistry is awesome and I look forward to future versions of our adorable Ewenice.

Prayer Shawl made by Barb Stauffer as a donation to her church. Yarn purchased at Summit Yarn.

Alicia, Barb and Suzy were at the studio for this morning’s class and we had a rockin’ good time.  Above is a prayer shawl made by Barb as a donation to her church and she did a lovely job on the whole thing…especially the abundant fringe.  Did you know fringe was used historically to drive away evil?  Alicia is halfway done with her entrelac stole and it is gorgeous…I have knit envy.  Suzy is reworking her yarn from Damson and picked out some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in red for the edging.  Barb is back at work on her Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan and just happens to be picking up right where we are in our KAL.  Here is a photo of her first strip:

Barb's Strip #1/4 of Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan

I was able to finish this week’s square and I have to confess I love next week’s square.  At the time I designed this afghan, I also reworked this stitch into a sock…one sock.  Maybe this is a good time to get that second sock done!  I also am hard at work on my sample knitting for Frog Tree…this project has two 36″ stretches of Stockinette Stitch with a Print O’ The Wave edge.  The dog’s are here at my feet and the twin cats are all snug together on top of the cat tree.  Life is so good.

The dates for this year's Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon.

YOU WANT to go to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website and look up the information on the Sock Summit 2011.  Registration has not opened yet but Lisa and I have our hotel reservations already and are working on plane reservations.  This is a do not miss event.  The best teachers in the country are at this event, as well as a hand picked marketplace.  I am so excited to have time to attend this year I can hardly wait!

All hotel information and everything you need to know is on the website.

Time to get to my knitting.  I put in three miles on the elliptical tonight and it was a good run.  Have a great day and more adventures tomorrow.  Here is the laugh of the day:  of course, at my expense:  we had a somewhat unfriendly customer in the studio this morning.  Alicia offered some good advice and also suggested I might want to keep a taser on hand.  Then she took a long look at me and said:  then again, maybe not!  At which point we all broke out into gales of laughter!  You do the math.  I’ll not confess to anything more!

with loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio

Nikkers sleeping on my Hanne Falkenberg Ballerina sweater and my Indiski Shawl