Yesterday, there was a knock at the door of the studio…once I opened the door I realized it had been more of a head butt than a knock, but whatever works, right?  Standing outside the door of Summit Yarn Studio were three sheep, just standing there staring at me.  The leader of the group, a black fleeced cheery Ewe, offered her sincerest condolences at the watery grave of our former ice-ewe, Ewenice.  She then informed me she and her friends were here because they felt I needed more options.  In turn, they each got up on Ewenice’s former pedestal and posed…wanting this opportunity now because shearing time is “…like any minute now, lady!”.   Having served as their would be photographer, it would seem only fair to solicit your opinion…who is best fit for the job…or do you have other OPTIONS to be considered?

MacKenzie MacWooligan

Jaberwonky Jones

Ewestice Fluffance the Third

I thought that was all there was to this story.  When I entered the studio this morning there was an angry mob of outraged creatures staring me down who insisted they had every right to an opportunity to model for the posistion as those three wannabees, yesterday.  Of course, I helped them all out to the pedestal and here is their photo for your perusal:

The Shepherdess snuck into the photo, but she has a mouth like a sailor and I think she may be married to one. The ram in the photo head-butted her off the stand and she fell on her rump!

Everyone feels sure they are best for the job.  Your opinion counts, so please weigh in on this most important matter!