The Full Freaky Moon this week on Friday the 18th

This week was the full moon and I am so glad it is over.  Everything seemed intensified by an exponential order of magnitude.  Even so we had a great time.  This past week was the last of the Great Adirondack Trunk show and it would seem everyone enjoyed it very much.  We have already scheduled a repeat trunk show next February with this company and they assure me next time they will send sweater quantities of the yarns we will sample.

Lisa modeling her new shawl made out of 2 skeins of Ultimate

One of the surprisingly popular yarns was Ultimate, which is 100% cashmere bulky yarn which comes in one pound skeins.  Two skeins made this beautiful shawl for Lisa.  The shawl is a free download from Ravelry, by Stephen West, and is called:  Colonnade.  Lisa said it was a good pattern, well-written, quick and easy to do.

beginning of a sock on US2 dpns in "Josephine Baker"

Also arriving this week were the Wild Women 2011 of Cheryl Schaefer Yarns.  There are four colors in this limited edition yarn.  There are still a few skeins remaining.  I am completely enjoying knitting a pair of socks in the superwash Nichole in the colorway: Josephine Baker.  The other weight yarn, also a sock yarn, is Anne.  My favorite shawl is knit from two skeins of this yarn.  I washed it last night in the washing machine on Gentle Cycle and hung it up to dry.  It is still as perfect as the day I finished knitting it.  This is a great yarn that wears well and stands up to daily wear and tear.

Jamie's newest knitting bag

Jamie is just back from her trip to Florida.  This is her first colorwork project and it came out just perfect.   It is a great size for one knitting project.

a very expensive cat snack

Nikkers, one of my five beloved cats has a major jones on for my lace weight cashmere project, the Arsenic and Old Lace Afghan.  Last night he got in my knitting bag, dug down past five other projects, pulled this out (leaving the knitting needles in the bag), picked it up in his mouth and tried to run off with it.  I yelled at him and he looked around the room like it couldn’t possibly be him that was the problem.  He did finally drop it, but not happily.  The above photo is from one night this past week when he got the bag open while I was asleep and “snacked” on this ball of yarn but good.  I saved the longer pieces for sewing the afghan together later, but it was an ugly mess.  Thanks so much, Nikkers.

A new friend, Rascal...Chris' "rent-a-dog"

I met this sociable fellow this week at Starbuck’s in the parking lot.  Chris just happened to pull in next to me and here was Rascal.  He is very smart and knows how to raise and lower the car window.  He even showed me.  He is coming to the studio for a visit Monday!

Corky's kitty having a very intense nap

I returned Lisa’s shawl to her yesterday after work and got to snap a photo of my kitty friend at Corky’s Garden Center.  This is my go to place for Chamilia, sheep, and all things plants.  Be sure to check it out…the people are so friendly and there is always something new to check out!

I did get the Square for our KAL test knit today at the studio and the pattern is ready to be typed.  I also have the designs put together for the next two months of sock club and I think you will all be very pleased.  The couple of people I have shown next month’s sock to were very happy!  Next week we will be receiving a shipment of a new sock yarn called: Flying Saucer by Schoppel (one of my favorite yarn companies).  Flounce is on order but no where to be seen.  I will post when it arrives. I am also watching the mail for a new type of dpns to try out…nothing like a good stick.  Anyway, have a wonderful evening and enjoy your knitting time.  Remember:  it is your artwork…Artwork.  The knitting police do not exist.  There is no such thing as “SHOULD”  when it comes to knitting…other than it should be fun for you.

Take care.  Wishing you loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio